What is colorable exercise of power?

What is colorable exercise of power?

The doctrine of Colorable Legislation means’ where the constitution of a State distributes the constitutional realms defined by specific legislative entries or where there are limits on the legislative authority in the sense of fundamental rights, questions arise as to whether the legislature has not, in a particular …

What does colorable legislation mean?

Doctrine of Colourable Legislation: Legislation is considered as colourable when a legislature having no power or legislative competence enacts legislation that is so camouflaging that it appears to fall within its legislative competence. This principle is known as the doctrine of colourable legislation.

What is colorable legislation principle?

The doctrine of colourable legislation is based on the maxim that “what cannot be done directly cannot also be done indirectly”. The doctrine becomes applicable when a legislature seeks to do something in an indirect manner when it cannot do it directly.

Which case deals about the colourable exercise of power?

14051/14/2011-F.VI of the Ministry of Home Affairs. The Court opined that the entire action of the police was illegal and a case of colourable exercise of power.

What does the word power mean in Greek?

Power: Six New Testament Greek Words 1 Miraculous Power. “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses…” The word ‘power’ is ‘dunamis’ meaning strength, ability, power for performing 2 Prevailing Power. 3 . 4 Aggressive Power.

What does the Greek word exercise mean in Greek?

STRONGS NT 1129: γυμνασία γυμνασία, γυμνασιας, ἡ (γυμνάζω); a. properly, the exercise of the body in the palaestra.

What does the word energeia mean in Greek?

The Greek word energeia means energy, working, efficiency. “I was made a minister (servant) according to the gift of the grace of God given to me through the effective working (energeia – energizing work) of His power (dunamis).

What does the Greek word exousia mean in the Bible?

Exousia means authority, jurisdiction, power of government, choice, or judicial decision. He gave His apprentices power, exousia, to cast out devils and heal the sick.