What does a chorus effect do?

What does a chorus effect do?

Chorus effects will fatten up the sound of a bass, rhythm guitar, or solo guitar. They can be used with distorted sounds but are a fantastic way to create full-sounding clean sounds as well. Used with a stereo amp rig, chorus adds spaciousness.

How do you use the chorus effect?

Chorus Effect Techniques Slam the feedback level up to roughly 90%, set a 40ms delay and dial in the chorus rate to about 0.07. Once this is done you can make a huge spike in the chorus depth at the end of the sound to give it an energy discharge.

What is vocal chorus effect?

Chorus units receive an input signal, delay it for a few milliseconds and then ‘widen’ its tuning, usually by detuning a ‘copy’ of the part a little flat and another a little sharp. These copies are then played back, producing a vocal which occupies a wider, thicker pitch base and therefore has more presence in a mix.

Who invented chorus effect?

But the classic chorus we know today was developed by Roland in the mid-1970s, and the first standalone chorus pedal was Boss CE-1. The circuitry it used was already presented with Roland Jazz Chorus amp. After that, in the late 70s and all over the 80s, the usage of the effect simply boomed.

Which is the best definition of a chorus?

‘An anthemic song with a big chorus, and an infectious spring in its step, the number demonstrated Rooster’s readiness to have fun with a big riff.’ ‘These are real songs here, with choruses and verses and vocals wrapped around each other.’ ‘Short and sweet, the songs spin around catchy choruses; witty verses are largely absent.’

Are there any instruments that create a chorus effect?

Some pitch shift pedals create a slightly detuned unison effect which is more similar to the acoustic chorus sound. Although the electronic chorus effect can be obtained by the multiple ways mentioned above, some devices have acquired a high status among musicians, especially in the “effect pedal” form.

What does a chorus effect pedal do to a signal?

Chorus effects thicken your signal by copying it multiple times, coloring the copied signals, and playing them back slightly delayed. Chorus is a type of modulation effect that functions very similarly to flanger pedals.

What does a chorus of voices sing about?

Online, a chorus of voices sing about natural foods, but with little harmony. They crashed into the chorus off that, and the room exploded. Each singer, in a group of 10, was asked to stand in front of a producer and sing a chorus or verse of a song.