How many gallons is a 18 ft Coleman pool?

How many gallons is a 18 ft Coleman pool?

How many gallons does a Coleman 22×52 pool?

12′ Round 3,398
15′ Round 5,310
18′ Round 7,646
21′ Round 10,407

How much is a 18ft Coleman pool?

Coleman 18′ x 48” Power Steel Swim Vista Series II Swimming Pool Metal Frame

Was: $1,499.99 Details
Price: $818.00
You Save: $681.99 (45%)

Why are Coleman pools so expensive?

The Coleman above ground pool is more expensive, but it is also larger. It is more expensive because of the larger size and the Power Steel Frame. It is durable but lacks in the pool pump department. The pool pump is not as durable and will need to be replaced, which means another investment.

How long does it take to set up a Coleman 18 ft pool?

This pool was easy to assemble, looks great, and is the perfect size for a pool party! It took 2 people less than an hour to assemble and about a day to fill it up. It’s been easy to maintain so far.

How big is a Coleman above ground pool?

Coleman Power Steel Deluxe Series 18’ x 48” Metal Frame Round Above Ground Pool Set with Filter Pump, Ladder & Pool Cover Size: 18 ft. x 48 in. (5.49 m x 1.22 m) Water Capacity (90%): 6,092 gal.

Which is the second generation Coleman power steel pool?

The Coleman® Power Steel™ Swim Vista Series™ II is the second generation of the first ever pool with built-in portholes! Back and better than ever, the Swim Vista Series offers a truly unique pool experience.

How tall is the Intex above ground pool set?

SUMMERTIME FUN: The Intex 18Ft x 52In Steel Frame Above Ground Pool Set is engineered for strength and to help you beat the heat all summer long for ages 6 and up.

Is the Coleman above ground pool rust resistant?

Durable Construction: The Coleman Above Ground Pool doesn’t require any tools to set up, and it’s built to last. The corrosion and rust resistant steel frame is equipped with our Seal & Lock System for a sturdy, secure and simple frame connection.