Which channel is best for economics?

Which channel is best for economics?

The Economist. First up, you really can’t go wrong with a quick follow of The Economist’s YouTube channel.

  • The Financial Times.
  • New Economic Thinking.
  • Marginal Revolution University.
  • EconplusDal.
  • Jacob Clifford.
  • Kahn Academy.
  • One Minute Economics.
  • What are the 5 branches of economics?

    Branches of economics

    • Behavioral economics.
    • Business economics.
    • Constitutional economics.
    • Cultural economics.
    • Development economics.
    • Ecological economics.
    • Economic geography.
    • Economic policy Analysis.

    What are the main subject for economics?

    This involves studying areas of politics, sociology, law, psychology, geography and history, at local and global levels. The two major veins of economics are microeconomics and macroeconomics. Microeconomics looks at the behavior and interactions of individual agents, such as households, companies, buyers and sellers.

    Who is behind economics?

    About the Author. Robert Heilbroner is the Norman Thomas Professor of Economics, Emeritus, at The New School for Social Research. He is the author of over twenty books, among them The Worldly Philosophers.


    What are the economics of Central Station generation?

    These generating facilities, known as central station generators, are often located in remote areas, far from the point of consumption. The economics of central station generation is largely a matter of costing. As with any other production technology, central station generation entails fixed and variable costs.

    What is the capital cost of a central station?

    The capital cost of building central station generators vary from region to region, largely as a function of labor costs and “regulatory costs,” which include things like obtaining siting permits, environmental approvals, and so on. It is important to realize that building central station generation takes an enormous amount of time.

    How to calculate the economics of hydrogen refueling stations?

    Ricardo will provide versions of its Truck TCO and Hydrogen Refueling Station models for use by CaFCP staff and members Introduction © Ricardo plc 2016 Confidential: CaFCP staff & members 3 TCO model is a detailed build up of capital expenditures and operating costs over an agreed ownership period Total Cost of Ownership Model Vehicle TCO

    What are the economics of transmission and distribution?

    At the margin, the cost of loading a given transmission line with additional electricity is basically zero (unless the line is operating at its rated capacity limit). Capital cost thus dominates the economics of transmission and distribution.