What is a non VR GP?

What is a non VR GP?

Non VR GP’s thus represent a cohort of GP’s who graduated between about 1989 and 1996, plus a smaller group of doctors who graduated before that date. There was and is no difference in the training or standards of a GP who graduated in the mid 1980’s vs the early 1990’s.

How do I become a non VR GP?

Currently non-VR GPs may become vocationally registered by applying for a certification of eligibility to the General Practice Recognition Eligibility Committee or by undertaking a pathway to Fellowship with either the RACGP or the College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM).

Can you be a GP without Fracgp?

The letters “FRACGP” stand for “Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners” and means that your GP has done extra training in the specialist field that is modern day general practice. If a GP doesn’t have FRACGP or FACRRM at the end of their name, then they are not a specialist GP.

What is a VR DR?

From 1 January next year, the RACGP will roll out its new Practice Experience Program (PEP) supporting non-vocationally registered (VR) doctors working in general practice with a purposeful education program in a bid to boost exam pass rates.

What do I charge as a non VR GP?

If you’re a Non-VR General Practitioner working in a MM1 location, you’ll continue billing the A2 rates for your consultations. For items such as health assessments, GP management plans including chronic disease and mental health you will now bill at the “A7 rate” where you previously billed the A1.

Can a non VR GP get a rebate?

Non-VR GPs may be eligible to access the A1 rebate if they work in a rural or remote area, or after hours. There are additional programs available which may allow non-VR GPs to access the A1 rebate including programs which require non-VR GPs to work in areas of workforce shortages.

Can a non VR GP use the A7?

Non-VR GPs in MMM 1 areas will not be able to access all of the A7 items. Alternatively they will need to: Use A2 items for standard GP services (60% of the VR rate) Use A19 items for attendances associated with Practice Incentive Payments (60% of the VR rate)

What kind of Medicare rates do VR doctors get?

Any doctor who works on one of these programs will continue to bill the A1 Medicare rates that VR (Specialist) General Practitioners are entitled to. What are A1, A2 and A7 Rates?