Was Hinkle Fieldhouse used in the movie Hoosiers?

Was Hinkle Fieldhouse used in the movie Hoosiers?

Milan’s team served as the inspiration for the movie Hoosiers (1986), and the final scenes of the film’s championship game were filmed at Hinkle Fieldhouse.

Who plays at the Hinkle Fieldhouse?

Butler Bulldogs men’s basketball
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What school plays at Hinkle Fieldhouse?

The Butler men’s basketball, women’s basketball and volleyball teams plays their home matches in historic Hinkle Fieldhouse, which is located on Butler’s campus, northeast of the residence halls and main portion of campus.

Is Butler Fieldhouse the same as Hinkle Fieldhouse?

The name of the facility was changed in 1966 from Butler Fieldhouse to Hinkle Fieldhouse in honor of Butler’s legendary coach and athletic director Paul D. “Tony” Hinkle, who built the University’s athletic fame over nearly half a century.”

What kind of venue is Hinkle Fieldhouse in Indiana?

Although Hinkle Fieldhouse has hosted other events, it is best known as a basketball venue in a state that is well known for its enthusiasm for the game (often referred to as ” Hoosier Hysteria “).

Where was the Indiana Hoosiers basketball game filmed?

The film’s final game was shot in the same building that hosted the 1954 Indiana final, Butler University ‘s Hinkle Fieldhouse (called Butler Fieldhouse in 1954) in Indianapolis. However, unlike the film’s plot, the 1954 Milan High School basketball team came into the season as heavy favorites and finished the ’53-’54 regular season at 19–2.

When did Butler Bulldogs stop playing at Hinkle Fieldhouse?

Hinkle Fieldhouse has served as the home court for the Butler Bulldogs men’s basketball team since 1928 (with the exception of 1943 to 1945, when it was converted to a military barracks during World War II) and as the site of the annual Indiana High School Boys Basketball Tournament ‘s championship games from 1928 to 1971.

What was the name of the Indiana high school in the Hoosiers?

Like the film’s fictional “Hickory High School,” Milan was a very small high school in a rural, southern Indiana town. Both schools had undersized teams. Both Hickory and Milan won the state finals by two points: Hickory won 42–40, and Milan won 32–30.