Is CommScope the same as SYSTIMAX?

Is CommScope the same as SYSTIMAX?

A: CommScope is our company, and we sell SYSTIMAX solutions to the enterprise cabling market. SYSTIMAX is CommScope’s brand for enterprise network infrastructure solutions.

What is CAT6A UTP?

CAT6A U/UTP means the cable consists of 4 unshielded twisted pairs and no outer shielding. CAT6A F/UTP means the cable consists of 4 unshielded twisted pairs however it contains an outer foil shield. This is a shielded cable. CAT 6A U/UTP is constructed in a certain way to help minimize cross talk and ANEXT.

What is the difference between Cat6 and CAT6A cables?

Cat6a supports bandwidth frequencies of up to 500 MHz, twice the amount of Cat6 cable, and can also support 10Gbps like its predecessor. However, unlike Cat6 cabling, Cat6a can support 10 Gigabit Ethernet at 100 meters. [Cat6 cabling on the other hand, can transmit the same speeds at up to 37 meters.]

What is GigaSPEED cable?

The SYSTIMAX 71E series GigaSPEED® XL cable transmits reliable voice, data and video, with excellent quality of service. Performance characterized to 550 MHz to support high-bandwidth video applications. • UL® listed (CM, CMP & CMR) and CSA(type FT4) certified.

What is UTP shielding?

Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) As the title states, a UTP cable has no shielding. This is the most used and most basic type of cable. The cable contains pairs of wires twisted together to help reduce and prevent electromagnetic interference.

What is UTP cable used for?

UTP cables are mostly used for LAN networks. They can be used for voice, low-speed data, high-speed data, audio and paging systems, and building automation and control systems. UTP cable can be used in both the horizontal and backbone cabling subsystems.

What does Cat6A stand for?

Category 6a is an Ethernet cable standard that is often called Cat6a. Category 6a stands for Augmented Category 6. The standard supports the transmission of large amounts of data at high speeds of up to 500 MHz. This augmented rating is twice that of regular Cat6 cable.

Who owns systimax?


CommScope Corporate Headquarters in Hickory, North Carolina.
Key people Claudius (Bud) Watts (chairman of the board) Charles (Chuck) Treadway (president and CEO)
Brands KRONE AMP NetConnect SYSTIMAX Uniprise ERA HELIAX ONECELL Surfboard Ruckus Arris
Revenue US$8.435 Billion (Fiscal Year Ended 31 December 2020)

Which is the fastest SYSTIMAX Category 6A cable?

SYSTIMAX® GigaSPEED® X10D is our compact Category 6A copper solution that delivers network line speeds up to at least 10 Gbps without requiring increased rack space and airflow.

Which is better Cat 6A UTP or STP?

CAT 6A UTP vs. STP. While Cat 6A UTP cabling and connectivity components support 10 Gigabit, STP cabling systems are a viable alternative for running 10 Gig over copper.

When did Cat 6A cabling standards come out?

In February 2008, they published TIA Standard 568-B.2-10: Transmission Performance Specifications for 4-Pair 100 Ohm Augmented Category 6 Cabling. The new Cat 6A standard extends the frequency of Cat 6A cables to 500 MHz and includes specifications for a new performance parameter known as Alien Crosstalk (ANEXT).

Can a Cat 6 anext cable support 10 Gig?

While Cat 6 UTP may support 10 Gig in shorter links of less than 55 meters, Cat 6 ANEXT performance will likely not enable it support 10 Gig to the full 100-meter channel. It is therefore not recommended for new commercial installations that are designed to support 10 Gig either now or in the future.