Is a Peugeot 207 a reliable car?

Is a Peugeot 207 a reliable car?

Is the Peugeot 207 reliable? The Peugeot 207 isn’t as reliable as the 107, but it is still a very dependable car. It has a reliability index of 85, with the main problem being the engine which accounts for 23.08% of all issues. It’s average repair costs are quite costly, at £342.69.

What are the common problems with Peugeot 207?

Peugeot 207 Common Problems and Solutions

  • Power Loss (1.6-ltr Diesels Only) Problem:
  • Jittery Driving. Problem:
  • Water in Front Legroom. Problem:
  • Loose Fixing on Front Seatbelt. Problem:
  • Bumpy Ride. Problem:
  • Turbo Failure. Problem:
  • Electrics problems. Problem:
  • Glove box lid failure. Problem:

What year did they stop making Peugeot 207?

Despite the fact it went out of production in 2012, the 207 continues to be a popular used car choice, thanks to its stylish looks, economical engines and five-star Euro NCAP safety rating.

How many miles can a Peugeot 207 last?

In the 1.4-litre VTi 207, we achieved an overall fuel consumption figure of 36.2mpg during testing, which means owners should expect over 40mpg on a normal run out of town, with a realistic target being for around 350 miles of pump-to-pump range.

What’s the difference between the Peugeot 207 and 208 THP?

Specifically the THP models, which sit one below the top spec GTI. Having the two side by side you immediately notice the 207 looks a bit old fashioned, everything about the 208 is more sculpted, it has more design flare about it. Peugeot have kept the classic 205 style rear window shape, only this time on the 208 it has become angled once again.

When was the last year the Peugeot 207 was made?

The Peugeot 207 is a supermini manufactured and marketed by French automaker Peugeot from 2006 to 2014. It debuted in January 2006, and launched in April 2006. The 207 replaced the 206 in April 2006 and was superseded by the Peugeot 208 in April 2012.

What kind of car is the Peugeot 208?

This is the previous-generation Peugeot-208, the French brand’s answer to a hugely competitive market of compact superminis that includes the Volkswagen Polo, Seat Ibiza and Vauxhall Corsa.

Which is better Peugeot 208 allure or Peugeot 308 active?

Why is Peugeot 208 Allure (2014) better than Peugeot 308 Active (2014)? 0.1l/100 km better fuel economy (city)? 34.74% greater cargo volume (seats down)? 10Nm higher maximum torque? 291mm shorter length? 1.5s faster acceleration (0-100 km/h)? 800mm narrower? 80kg lighter? Why is Peugeot 308 Active (2014) better than Peugeot 208 Allure (2014)?