How old are Lenovo Thinkpads?

How old are Lenovo Thinkpads?


Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (2013)
Developer IBM (1992–2005) LG/IBM (1996–2004, only for South Korea branding) Acer (1998–2002, i series only) IBM/Lenovo (2005–present)
Manufacturer IBM/Lenovo
Type Laptop/Netbook
Release date October 1992

When was the Lenovo T410 released?

Jan 2010

Model Release date (US) CPU
T410 Jan 2010 1st Gen Intel Core Up to i7-620M (2C4T 2.66/3.33 GHz Turbo)
T410s 1st Gen Intel Core Up to i5-560M (2C4T 2.66/3.2 GHz Turbo)
T420 Feb 2011 2nd Gen Intel Core Up to i7-2670QM (4C8T 2.2/3.3 GHz Turbo)
T420s 2nd Gen Intel Core Up to i7-2640M (2C4T 2.8/3.5 GHz Turbo)

When was the Lenovo ThinkPad made?

Lenovo ThinkPad/Introduced

When did the ThinkPad T60p laptop come out?

Lenovo released the ThinkPad T60 and T60p laptops in February 2006. While designed and manufactured by Lenovo, the T60 and the T60p still featured the IBM logo on the machines.

Why did IBM stop making the ThinkPad T61?

The said brand was however, discontinued (likely due to the license expiring) mid-way in production of the T61/R61/X61 models. This is also the reason why all models after the T61 did not feature the old IBM branding.

When did Lenovo change the name of the ThinkPad T Series?

History. The naming convention for the T Series was changed by Lenovo following the release of the ThinkPad T400 and T500 in July 2008. The Txxp models (like the T61p) were replaced by Lenovo’s ThinkPad W Series laptops. Designed as mobile workstations, the W series grew to become Lenovo’s line of performance-oriented laptops.

When did the ThinkPad laptop first come out?

Logo via IBM. The ThinkPad line is one of the most renowned device families in the laptop world. Ever since its inception under IBM in 1992, the ThinkPad brand has seen its fair share of successes and failures. In this overview, we will take a brief look at the history of the storied brand.