How does MABAS work?

How does MABAS work?

All MABAS agencies operate on a common radio frequency (IFERN) and are activated for response through pre-designed “run” cards each participating agency designs and tailors to meet their local risk need.

What is MABAS Box alarm?

In 1970, the MABAS box alarm system was established to provide a swift, standardized and effective method of mutual aid assistance for extra alarm fires and mass casualty incidents. Today, the organization includes nearly every fire department in Illinois, as well as many areas of Iowa, Indiana and Wisconsin.

What is a MABAS call?

MABAS is a mutual aid measure that may be used for deploying fire, rescue and emergency medical services personnel in a multi-jurisdictional and/or multi-agency response. Participation in the mutual aid program is voluntary. Equipment, personnel or services provided under MABAS are at no charge between municipalities.

What is a fire department box alarm?

A fire alarm box, fire alarm call box, or fire alarm pull box is a device used for notifying a fire department of a fire. Typically installed on street corners, they were the main means of summoning firefighters before the general availability of telephones.

How long does it take for Mabas in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin Emergency Management has conducted many outreach meetings throughout the state to explain the mutual aid measure. It takes 12-18 months for a MABAS division to become fully functional. Statewide the most conservative estimate is that it will take 5 years to fully implement MABAS across Wisconsin. WHAT IS MABAS?

Where can I find a Mabas Division website?

All MABAS Wisconsin Divisions have an opportunity to have their Division Website hosted on the MABAS Wisconsin server. We are unable to provide web page development however if you have someone within your division who is capable of designing your web page let us know.

Where are the Mabas fire departments in Wisconsin?

MABAS is a mutual aid organization that has been in existence since the late 1960s. Heavily rooted throughout northern Illinois. MABAS now includes over 750 member fire departments organized within 75 divisions. MABAS first came to Wisconsin in 1987 with the joining of the Village of Pleasant Prairie in Kenosha County.

Is the city of Milwaukee its own Mabas Division?

MABAS is broken into divisions rather than regions. The MABAS divisions basically follow county lines. The only exception is the City of Milwaukee which has established its own MABAS division due to size and number of agencies potentially involved.