How do I create a PHStat in Excel for Mac?

How do I create a PHStat in Excel for Mac?

PHStat Installation for Mac

  1. Click on Tools.
  2. In the drop-down, click on Excel Add-ins…
  3. Check the box for PHStat.
  4. If PHStat is not available in the pop-up: click Browse, open the folder where you moved the PHstat files, and select PHstat. xlam.
  5. Click OK.

Where is the PHStat in Excel?

Open a file explorer window, and navigate to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office16. Drag and drop the PHStat folder into the directory. Click Add New Location.

Can you download PHStat on Mac?

Any Mac users will need to install a third-party add-on recommended by Microsoft to replace this function (StatPlus:mac LE). PHStat is not currently compatible with Excel of Mac 2016. (It remains compatible with Microsoft Windows Excel 2016, still in its preview edition.) The workaround is to use Excel/Office 2011.”

How do I use PHStat in Excel?

There are two ways to use the PHStat add-in:

  1. Recommended: Open the Excel add-in file as you open any other Office document (File > Open).
  2. Have Excel automatically open the add-in file. We don’t recommend installing PHStat and having Excel automatically open the add-in file.

How do I open an Excel file with phstat?

After PHStat has downloaded and extracted successfully, open the Excel add-in file as you would open any other Office document ( File > Open ), then open data files. As PHStat begins to load, you may see a security dialog box. Should this dialog box appear, click Enable Macros to allow PHStat to open. (See PHStat FAQ s for more information.)

How to install pH stat on a Mac?

Step 2: After installing MS Office 2011, open up a blank excel document and leave it open in order to install PH Stat. Step 3: After opening an Excel document go to D2L and download the file PH Stat 2_3.5 NOT PHStat2. Step 4: Once the file is downloaded click on it and it will take you to your downloads.

Which is the best way to open phstat?

If you are using OS X Excel, ensure that you are opening the PHStat add-in workbook (PHStat.xlam) using the File > Open dialog box to open the PHStat.xlam file. Using the Open dialog box method to open the PHStat.xlam file is the most reliable method of opening PHStat, and other ways of opening the file should be avoided.

Can you use phstat on an unpatched Excel?

Check that the latest Microsoft-supplied patches and service packs for Excel have been applied. PHStat is not supported with unpatched Excel versions. Configure Excel to accept the add-in by changing the Trust Center security settings. (See PHStat Readme for more information.)