Can you rebuttal a negative counseling USMC?

Can you rebuttal a negative counseling USMC?

All branches of the service allow members to rebut, in writing, all or part of a negative performance evaluation. That being said, rebutting a negative performance appraisal is a highly complex process.

What are the three types of counseling USMC?

Marine Corps policy establishes three types of counseling: directive, non-directive, and collaborative.

What is the goal of initial counseling?

The initial counseling session should be scheduled and planned in advance. The goals of the session are to: Make the senior’s expectations clear. Convey the senior’s interest and concern.

What are the benefits of counseling Marines?

Counseling reinforces good performance, corrects deficiencies, transmits guidance/standards and provides direction to subordinate development.

Who is responsible for counseling in the Marine Corps?

All senior U.S. Marines have the responsibility for providing counseling to junior U.S. Marines. Motivation and individual performance are the key elements of a positive and healthy environment for Marine duty. Counseling ethics in balance with some other techniques are part of the U.S. Marine Corps’ leadership training.

Who is a marine family life counselor ( MFLC )?

Any Marine or Marine family member may consult with an MFLC, to include parents, significant others, or close relatives of the Marine. Provides support to the command by addressing the needs of the individual Marines and keeping the command informed of overall trends in the behavioral health of a unit.

Where can I get counseling in the military?

Non-medical counseling is available through Military OneSource and the Military and Family Life Counselor (MFLC) Program. When you are ready to focus on your emotional health, reach out for support by contacting your installation Behavioral Health Program, who can help you make the connection.