Who played the president in the first episode of NCIS?

Who played the president in the first episode of NCIS?

Guest Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Mark (Yankee White) Lawrence Pressman Director of the United States Secret Service.
Charlie (Yankee White) Gregory Itzin Federal Bureau of Investigation.
George W. Bush Steve Bridges President of the United States.
Bowman Jeremy Overstreet Federal Agent with an unidentified federal agency.

What was the very first episode of NCIS?

September 23, 2003
NCIS/First episode date

Who starred in the first episode of NCIS?

NCIS (season 1)

Season 1 U.S. DVD cover
Starring Mark Harmon Sasha Alexander Michael Weatherly Pauley Perrette David McCallum
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 23

Who are the cast members of NCIS Reveille?

Donald P. Bellisario. Thomas J. Wright. A Weak Link (episode). See No Evil (episode). Reveille is the twenty-third and final episode in NCIS Season 1 and the 23rd episode of the entire NCIS series.

Who was in the first episode of NCIS Homefront?

The episode features an appearance by First Lady Michelle Obama as she welcomes Gibbs and the wife of a Marine to the White House for a “Joining Forces” roundtable with military spouses. This is the first episode not to feature Michael Weatherly, as he was busy filming the pilot for “Bull.”

Who is the director of NCIS Season 3?

Season 3 (2005–06) Cote de Pablo (Ziva David) had a continuous arc starting with the first two episodes (“Kill Ari”), and later promoted to the main cast in the episode “Silver War”. Lauren Holly joins the supporting cast as NCIS Director Jenny Shepard. She was promoted to the main cast in the ninth episode (“Frame Up”).

Who are the characters in the TV show NCIS?

List of NCIS episodes. Based out of Washington, D.C., the team includes special agents Caitlin Todd ( Sasha Alexander ), Anthony DiNozzo ( Michael Weatherly ), Timothy McGee ( Sean Murray ), Ziva David ( Cote de Pablo ), Eleanor Bishop ( Emily Wickersham ), Alexandra Quinn ( Jennifer Esposito ), and Nicholas Torres ( Wilmer Valderrama ),…