Which cannabis strain has won the most awards?

Which cannabis strain has won the most awards?


  • 1 1. Skunk #1.
  • 2 2. Jack Herer.
  • 3 3. White Widow.
  • 4 4. Super Silver Haze.
  • 5 5. Ak-47 (18 Premios)
  • 6 6. LA Confidential.
  • 7 7. Super Lemon Haze.
  • 8 8. Sensi Star.

What is the best cannabis strain of all time?

Check out some of the best strains of all time — according to experts.

  • NYC Sour Diesel. With its astronomical price tag, cult following, and stellar terpene profile, NYC Sour Diesel revolutionized the NYC weed world when it exploded on the scene in the late ’90s.
  • Maui Wowie.
  • Tangie.
  • OG Kush.
  • Super Silver Haze.

When was the first High Times Cannabis Cup?

About the High Times Cannabis Cup Founded in Amsterdam in 1988 by former High Times editor Steve Hager, The Cannabis Cup has evolved into a globally recognized championship of the best cannabis products in the world.

How many times has Jack Herer won the Cannabis Cup?

Today almost all seed banks carry their own take on this famous cannabis favourite. This strain has won several awards, including the 7th High Times Cannabis Cup. Jack Herer was also inducted into the Counterculture Hall of Fame at the 16th Cannabis Cup in recognition of his first book.

Who are the past winners of the Cannabis Cup?

Past winners 1 from Cultivator’s Choice 2 nd Cup 1989 – Early Pearl/Skunk #1 x Northern Lights #5/ Haze from the Seed Bank 3 rd Cup 1990 – Northern Lights #5 from the Seed Bank (please see discussion page before attempting to change this entry) 4 th Cup 1991 – Skunk from Free City

How many judges are in High Times Cannabis Cup?

While normally 28-35 expert judges would alone determine the rankings, the competition has pivoted into crowdsourced rankings, offering 224 kits per category to consumers in state-wide competitions across the country. Looking to Advertise? What is the High Times Cannabis Cup People’s Choice?

When was the High Times Cannabis Cup created?

Created in 1997 to celebrate the history of the counterculture and the people who helped shape it, the Counterculture Hall of Fame holds its induction ceremony during the High Times Cannabis Cup each November.

When is the 30th anniversary of the Cannabis Cup?

In 2017, the festival celebrated its 30th anniversary. The festival featured an award show hosted by Danny Danko. In 2018, it was held in the middle of summer on 13th to 15th of July veering away from its usual schedule.