What is AIFF D Licence?

What is AIFF D Licence?

The AIFF D-Licence Course provides a critical understanding of the game and guides a coach on how to support the development of future players. A D-Licence holder will be able to coach in Grassroots football; college and school teams, District and Intercity Championships etc.

How do you get an AIFF Licence?

Once a candidate gets the ‘E’ license, he is eligible to apply for the AIFF ‘D’ certificate. This license allows the candidate to coach in all school tournaments, youth leagues and state leagues. A person needs to gain experience of at least three months of coaching before applying for this license.

What is AFC B license?

The course is designed to educate coaches in developing a playing style, planning individual, group and team preparation. It will also help coaches to understand coaching during training and matches. The duration of the course is 19 days divided into 3 modules. License Diploma AFC B Diploma. Assessment.

What is the full form of AIFF?

Federation or AIFF means the All India Football Federation 2. FIFA means Federation Internationale de Football Association.

How do you get a D-license in AIFF?

AIFF D-Licenses are held on requests of State Associations who intend to host and organize the same. On receipt of an official request from a State Association, the AIFF looks for the availability of an approved instructor after which the instructor is assigned to conduct the course/s at that particular State Association.

Do you need AIFF D license to play football?

AIFF D-Licensed candidates are perfectly suitable for Grassroots and School Football as they form the fundamentals of the game. For employment at youth levels in I-League or other professional clubs, you need to have minimum AFC C Certificate, but we prefer them to have AFC B Certificate.

What do I need to renew my AIFF coaching license?

Acceptable documents are certificates of attendance, letters of acknowledgement from coaches, payment of receipts or attendance sheet Holders of expiring licenses must approach AIFF for renewal at least six months before the expiry date.

What kind of proof do you need to join AIFF?

Any other activity recognised and approved by AIFF such as documented proof that they have attended these activities. Acceptable documents are certificates of attendance, letters of acknowledgement, payment of receipts or attendance sheets.