What is a specified bid?

What is a specified bid?

Specified bid: Simply means that the lender has specified the bid. In this case it has to be for an amount equal to or less than the total amount owed. The trustee is the seller, and the lender has to bid in order to protect their position. The lender always gets to place the first, or “opening” bid.

What is a foreclosure bid?

The bank that forecloses a property sets a ‘reserve price’ while auctioning it. It is the minimum amount the bank will accept as a winning bid during an auction. “You can easily get a property worth Rs 1.5 crore at a discount of Rs 15-35 lakh.

How do you bid on a foreclosure strategy?

Auctions are usually fast-paced affairs, here are some expert tips for making a winning bid.

  1. Get pre-approved. Before you go to a foreclosure auction, you should do is visit the bank.
  2. Find foreclosure auctions.
  3. Research the property.
  4. Research the neighborhood.
  5. Dress professionally.
  6. Make timely bids.
  7. Research state laws.

What are the stages of foreclosure?

The 6 Phases of a Foreclosure

  • Phase 1: Payment Default.
  • Phase 2: Notice of Default.
  • Phase 3: Notice of Trustee’s Sale.
  • Phase 4: Trustee’s Sale.
  • Phase 5: Real Estate Owned (REO)
  • Phase 6: Eviction.
  • The Bottom Line.

What does upset bid mean in foreclosure auction?

Also known as the “Upset Bid,” lenders can bid up to that amount at a foreclosure sale. If bidding at the sale doesn’t reach the Credit Bid, the property is not sold and the lender takes ownership. EST. RESALE VALUE (ERV)

How does a credit bid work at a foreclosure sale?

At the foreclosure sale, which is an auction, the lender will usually make a credit bid. With a credit bid, the lender bids the debt that the borrower owes.

Can a third party bid on a house in a foreclosure?

Other parties who bid on a property at a foreclosure sale must bid cash or a cash equivalent, like a cashier’s check. If a third party is the high bidder at the sale, the sale proceeds are used to repay the borrowers’ debt.

What does bid increment mean in real estate auction?

The bid increment is the amount that the bid increases during the auction. For example, if the current bid is $50,000 and the bid increment is $5,000, the next acceptable bid amount would be $55,000. If you see “Bid Pending Confirmation” BEFORE the property’s scheduled auction time, it was sold as a “Make an Offer Now” property.