What is a good CPU temp under heavy load?

What is a good CPU temp under heavy load?

Under load, you want your CPU to ideally stay under 80 degrees Celsius (176 degrees Fahrenheit), though some CPUs may run hotter when they’re in ultrabooks, gaming laptops, or small-form-factor (SFF) computers.

What is a safe temperature for i7 9700k?

Core temperatures below 80°C are ideal. Intel’s highest Tj Max Throttle temperature for certain variants is 105°C or 221°F.

What is the max temp for i7 9750h?

Yes. It is actually an ideal loaded CPU temperature because the CPU is rated at 24/7 100C operation, however a 100C means your CPU is throttling. 90C means you push the CPU to the max.

What should the Temps be on an i7 950?

My i7-950 with a Cooler Master Geminii heat sink runs mid to high 40s celsius at idle and fans at 100%. I have case intake and exhaust fans running 110 CFM and 2 CPU cooler fans running 35 CFM. I see mid to high 80s after a few minutes on Prime95. These are 130W chips.

What should my CPU temp be at idle and under load?

While I can tell you that those are generally safe CPU temperatures for the 8700K (at stock settings and with the cooler I have), there are a few things that I had to consider first before declaring that those are CPU temperatures I can live with. You Know Your CPU’s Normal Temp at Idle and Under Load – Now What?

What’s the normal temp of an Intel processor?

These values of the average CPU temperature are gathered from different tech forums. Processor Type. Normal CPU Temp. Maximum CPU Temp. Intel Core i3-7350K. 45°C to 60°C. 100°C. Intel Core i5-7600K.

What should core REMP be on i7 950?

Necro-ing this thread because I’ve spent the past few days fighting a 950 with a CNPS9700 Zalman on it. (Razor thin layer of cerimique) With the fan on the max setting, core remp reads 45c idle, 72c load at 3.06ghz 0.9v vcore. OC’d to 3.8ghz @ 1.117v, sits around 50c idle, 75c load.