What is a BMP weapon?

What is a BMP weapon?

The BMP is a fully armored amphibious infantry combat vehicle (AICV). Its low silhouette hull has a sharp sloping front with a conspicuously ridged surface. A centrally located, extremely flat, truncated cone turret mounts a 73-mm smoothbore gun and a 7.62-mm coaxial machine gun.

Can the BMP float?

Amphibious capability The shape of the hull and some features (hollow road wheels and road wheel arms with air chambers) aid flotation. The BMP-1 can overcome water barriers with a current of up to 1.2 metres (1.3 yd) per second and waves up to 0.25 metres (0.82 ft) high.

Can BMP 3 carry troops?

BMP-3M IFV design and features The upgraded IFV can carry three crew members, including commander, gunner and driver, and up to seven troops. It is 6.71m long, 3.15m wide and 2.3m high, and has a ground clearance of 0.45m and combat weight of 22t.

What kind of grenade launcher does the BMP-1 use?

The 9S428 ATGM launcher was often replaced by an AGS-17 “Plamya” automatic grenade launcher in field conditions. Ob’yekt 768 – It was an experimental IFV utilizing parts of the BMP-1 developed and built in 1972. A new two-man turret armed with a 73 mm “Zarnitsa” semi-automatic smoothbore gun and a 12.7 mm coaxial heavy machine gun, was installed.

What kind of missile does the BMPT Terminator use?

The BMPT uses the Ataka missile to defeat heavily armored vehicles like tanks. The Terminator has four Ataka ATGM launchers as a set of primary armaments to defeat enemy tanks and infantry. Only one missile is carried for each of the launchers without any additional ones stowed away. Two ATGM launchers are located on each side of the turret.

What kind of missile does the bmp-2m have?

To counter enemy tanks and other heavily armored vehicles, the BMP-2M (sb4-2) is fitted with the Konkurs-M second-generation anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) system. The BMP now has the same efficiency both day and night.

What is the name of the Granatomyot grenade launcher?

BMP-1PG (G stands for granatomyot – grenade launcher) – Modernization was carried out by the Kurgan Engineering Works. There are two variants. The first has tracks and drive sprockets from the BMP-2.