Was the Death Star sabotaged?

Was the Death Star sabotaged?

Tarkin assumes control over the Death Star while Krennic investigates security breaches in the design project. It is subsequently revealed that Galen discreetly sabotaged the design by building a vulnerability into the reactor.

Who destroyed Death Star?

Lando and Wedge Antilles (in an X-wing) both flew inside the superstructure, knocking out its main reactor and finally destroying Death Star II.

Who died on Alderaan?

Viceroy Bail Organa
As a result of its destruction, all that remained of the planet was a debris field. The two billion people living on the planet were killed, including Viceroy Bail Organa and his wife Queen Breha.

What is the dent in the Death Star?

A large, round indentation is also present on the Death Star. This concave feature of the otherwise spherical Death Star is a part of the station’s “superlaser” emitter, or the epic space weapon capable of destroying entire worlds.

What did Marcia Lucas do on the Death Star?

Although the film has two other credited editors, Marcia Lucas focused on editing the final “trench run” on the Death Star. Many say she saved the entire final act by adding a sense of urgency.

Why did Marcia Lucas edit Return of the Jedi?

However, even though they were in the midst of getting divorced, Marcia did help edit Return of the Jedi. And once again, the scenes that she helped edit gave that movie its emotional core. According to The Secret History of Star Wars, she edited both the deaths of Yoda and Anakin Skywalker.

Why did Marcia Lucas want Obi Wan to die?

But it was Marcia Lucas who insisted that Lucas kill off Obi-Wan in that pivotal moment, realizing that he really doesn’t contribute much to the proceedings after that, and just stands around. But his death in the final film stands as one of sci-fi cinema’s most iconic moments.

Who are the lemelisks in the Death Star?

Amongst Lemelisk’s colleagues in the Death Star development were Frap Radicon, Umak Leth, Ohran Keldor and Qwi Xux.