The events of world football 2020: Ronaldo – Messi will be like?

The events of world football 2020: Ronaldo – Messi will be like?

The summer of 2020 is associated with many notable football events, starting from Europe to South America, and ending in Asia. Chances are, it is also the end of the race between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, at the international playground. This is probably going to be bad news for almost all football fans, especially those who love these two famous players. Let’s find out more details through the information shared below.

What will football be like if Ronaldo and Messi retire?

The story of soccer rival Ronaldo and Messi

For more than a decade, the focus of world football has always been the battle of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. In all circumstances, even though their teams are not at the top, Ronaldo and Messi always have an effect above all else. They are not only the two greatest faces of the 21st century, as well as among the ranks of the best players in world football history, but also symbols of football, as evaluated by Happyluke.

It is a fact that everyone can see that Ronaldo always competes with Messi in any tournament. On the contrary, Messi also looked at Ronaldo to create more motivation to fight for him. Recently, Ronaldo has expressed dissatisfaction when Messi left him behind, setting a record 6 times to win the Golden Ball. CR7 refused to join the Gala held by France Football, in honor of Leo Messi. Before that, Ronaldo also hid and did not participate when FIFA awarded Messi The Best 2019 in Milan, although he himself lived in Turin not too far away.

Time does not let anyone loose. It’s time for the war between Ronaldo and Messi to come to an end. At least the international playground no longer had time for them, as they both got older. They will have to stop the battles and cede it to the youth. However, this also made many fans disappointed and sad because they were about to no longer see these two players play.

The events of world football 2020: Ronaldo – Messi will be like?

Is the race between Ronaldo and Messi coming to an end?

EURO 2020 and final words for Ronaldo

A few years ago, Ronaldo announced he wanted to maintain his top form until he was 40 years old. But it is very difficult for CR7 to achieve the goal, and the progress in the 2020 season with Juventus clearly shows the burden of age is holding his footsteps. Ronaldo became more sluggish, performance dropped, and overshadowed by younger teammates.

In the last months of 2019, Ronaldo’s performance was only average. All he did was focus on his matches with Portugal, against very weak opponents of European football, in search of an international scoring record. Just two games with Lithuania helped Ronaldo accumulate 7 goals. Then also Luxembourg. As a result, CR7 has 99 international goals. Just kicking the 2022 World Cup qualifying for Europe (taking place in 2021), Ronaldo will easily surpass the record of Iranian legend Ali Daei – the author of 109 international goals.

Ronaldo has always liked the record. But in the big playground, the opportunities for him are not many. On February 5, Ronaldo will welcome his 35th birthday. That also means that EURO 2020 could be Ronaldo’s last major tournament. If you continue to play for Portugal, CR7 to the 2022 World Cup is no longer at the peak of form. Of course, whether or not Portugal will win tickets to Qatar is another matter.

So, EURO 2020 is an opportunity for Ronaldo to make his mark. To shine at EURO 2020 is not easy for CR7, because Portugal falls into the group with Germany, France, and 1 of the teams Iceland, Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary. Another disadvantage for Ronaldo and the Portuguese champions is that this group takes place in Munich, Germany.

After the failure at The Best and the Golden Ball 2019, 2020 does not promise many sweet things with CR7.

Copa America 2020 and the pressure of Messi

Saying goodbye and coming back, receiving a suspension for insulting the referee, temporarily withdrawing from the team to rest and focus on Barca, that’s what Leo Messi has been with Argentina in recent years. Messi holds a record 34 titles with Barca and has just had the 6th Golden Ball in his career. But his record with Argentina is a blank sheet of paper. Messi’s career with “La Albiceleste” is associated with failure, too many missed appointments, though it seems to have touched glory.

Messi holds a record 70 goals for Argentina. “La Pulga” also only needs 10 more matches to become the player with the most Argentina caps. Messi has 138 games, while the current record is 147, held by Javier Mascherano.

In the eyes of the Argentinian, Messi is a legend, but also creates a lot of controversies. It is often said that Messi owes Argentina a title. Is there a title in Copa America 2020, considered a time of heaven, advantage, and peace? Argentina and Colombia are co-hosts of Copa America 2020. Moreover, Messi is improving himself a lot, especially his ability to make mutations from dead-ball situations.

Copa America 2020 may also be the last major tournament where Messi is still at the top. The next South American championship will only take place in 2024. Meanwhile, the 2022 World Cup is held at the end of the year. At that time, Messi was 34 and a half years old, it was difficult to maintain the current form. Even though Messi’s kicking style does not take much strength, the endurance and feel of the ball also decline over time. Climate conditions in Qatar are also a big deal.

This summer, surely “Messi, Ahora o Nunca” will once again appear in the Argentine press, with a higher frequency than any other issue related to him.

The events of world football 2020: Ronaldo – Messi will be like?

Football has been more loved by many people in the presence of Messi and Ronaldo

2020 will bring dramatic football leagues but then predictions of sad stories. Messi and Ronaldo are two football players who can be said to have the best play style, most interested by many football fans. In any tournament, people have high expectations for these two players. If both of them have to stop at major tournaments in the near future, it will be really regrettable for all fans.

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