How do you prevent hyperhomocysteinemia?

How do you prevent hyperhomocysteinemia?

How Can You Lower Homocysteine Levels? Elevated homocysteine levels can be lowered. We know that folic acid, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12 are all involved in breaking down homocysteine in the blood. Therefore, increasing your intake of folic acid and B vitamins may lower your homocysteine level.

Is hyperhomocysteinemia genetic?

Hyperhomocysteinemia may be either a genetic or an acquired characteristic. Homocysteine is an intermediary in the breakdown pathway from methionine to cysteine. Homocysteine may be converted to cysteine, a process known as transsulfuration, through the use of vitamin B6 as a cofactor.

When do you treat hyperhomocysteinemia?

In patients who have cardiovascular disease in the absence of more established risk factors, investigation and treatment of hyperhomocysteinemia should be considered.

Which type of vitamin is required to help the body eliminate homocysteine?

Vitamins B12, B6 and folate break down homocysteine to create other chemicals your body needs. High homocysteine levels may mean you have a vitamin deficiency. Without treatment, elevated homocysteine increases your risks for dementia, heart disease and stroke.

What are the risk factors for hyperhomocysteinemia?

If you have a folate or B vitamin deficiency, you may develop hyperhomocysteinemia. Other risk factors include: low thyroid hormone levels. psoriasis. kidney disease. certain medications. genetics.

Is there a cure for hyperhomocysteinemia in humans?

Treatment for Hyperhomocysteinemia. Other than increasing the intake of vitamin B in your diet, there is no proper and prescribed way to treat the high level of homocysteine aka Hyperhomocysteinemia in your body. You must increase the intake of green leafy vegetable, whole grain based food for increasing vitamin b group in your body.

What to do if you have high homocysteine levels?

Treating hyperhomocysteinemia. Once diagnosed, you may have to change your diet to lower your homocysteine levels. If you have a vitamin deficiency, you can increase your vitamin B intake and folic acid by eating folate-rich foods such as green vegetables, orange juice, and beans. In some cases, doctors may prescribe daily vitamin supplements.

Can a folic acid supplement help with hyperhomocysteinemia?

However, there is not enough substantial medical proof to show that reducing Homocysteine levels will actually improve health of Hyperhomocysteinemia sufferers. Intake of Folic acid supplements can be beneficial in lowering homocysteine levels in patients of mild genetic Hyperhomocysteinemia.