How do I find my NP preceptor?

How do I find my NP preceptor?

Tips for Finding an FNP Preceptor

  1. Start with networking.
  2. Ask at work.
  3. Join a local nurse practitioner organization.
  4. Use social media.
  5. Prepare a packet of information.
  6. Hit the road.
  7. Begin looking early.
  8. Avoid large medical chains.

How do I get into NP clinicals?

NP Students: How Do You Find a Clinical Preceptor?

  1. Work With Your University.
  2. Contact Friends and Family.
  3. Ask Current and Former Students.
  4. Ask Your Personal Medical Providers.
  5. Search Preceptor Networking Websites.

How much does preceptor point cost?

Our basic fee starts at $12.50/clinical hour.

Do nurse practitioners need a supervising physician in Texas?

According to the Texas Nursing Practice Act, NPs are required to have written “prescriptive delegation” consent—also referred to as a collaborative agreement— from a supervising physician. In addition to the TX Board of Nursing, NPs are also regulated by the TX Board of Medicine.

Who are preceptors for Nurse Practitioner ( NP ) students?

PreceptorLink®️ is a service for matching ​. ​Nurse Practitioner (NP) students to Preceptors. A Preceptor is a skilled practitioner who supervises students in a. clinical setting to allow practical experience with patients.​​. We are the LINK for Preceptors…

Where can I find a good preceptor for my practice?

We know students are busy juggling family, work and school and trying to find a preceptor is another full-time job. Our team is the best at finding quality preceptors who are willing to take students! We place students in all practice disciplines from Adult to Urgent Care and everything in between.

How to find the right preceptor for your clinical rotation?

Collectively, our team has successfully placed hundreds of students over the past eight years. We understand the challenges for students, schools and preceptors and we know how to find the right preceptor for your clinical rotation.

How to become a nurse preceptor in Washington State?

Bone and Mineral disease – specialty clinic. Bone densitometry evaluation and treatment of osteopenia and osteoporosis. One or two day specialty clinic rotations. Available select Mondays and Fridays 8AM-3:30 PM. Must be approved by Washington University School of Medicine HR.