Who wrote the book Alienist?

Who wrote the book Alienist?

Caleb Carr
The Alienist/Authors

Is the novel The Alienist based on a true story?

The series is not actually based on real events but does feature some real life historical figures. The core characters are all fictitious except for the New York City police commissioner Theodore Roosevelt.

How many Alienist books are there?

Kreizler series

The Alienist (1994) The Angel of Darkness (1997) Surrender, New York (2016) The Alienist at Armageddon (TBA) The Strange Case of Miss Sarah X (TBA)
Author Caleb Carr
Published 1994–present
Media type Print (Hardcover)
No. of books 4

When was the alienist written?

When The Alienist was first published in 1994, it was a major phenomenon, spending six months on the New York Times bestseller list, receiving critical acclaim, and selling millions of copies. This modern classic continues to be a touchstone of historical suspense fiction for readers everywhere.

Who is dr.kreizler in The Alienist?

Laszlo Kreizler, also known as Dr. Kreizler, is a fictional character from the book The Alienist written by Caleb Carr. In the series produced by TNT he is portrayed by Daniel Brühl . He is an alienist and has opened the Kreizler Institute, an approved school for wayward and abandoned children.

What kind of person is Laszlo Kreizler?

LASZLO KREIZLER is known as an Alienist – one who studies mental pathologies and the deviant behaviors of those who are alienated from themselves and society.

Who is the author of the Kreizler series?

The Kreizler series is a series of historical mystery novels written by Caleb Carr, and published by Random House. A new novel, The Alienist at Armageddon, was scheduled for publication by Little, Brown and Co. imprint Mulholland Books, but as of September 9, 2019 the book’s webpage at Mulholland is unavailable.

Who is the author of The Alienist series?

The Alienist (1994) The Angel of Darkness (1997) Author Caleb Carr Country United States Language English Genre Historical mystery Detective