Who played Adrian pimento?

Who played Adrian pimento?

Jason MantzoukasBrooklyn Nine-Nine
Adrian Pimento/Played by
The precinct welcomes Detective Adrian Pimento (Jason Mantzoukas), a police officer that was undercover for 12 years working for high-ranking mobster Jimmy “The Butcher” Figgis.

Is Jason Mantzouka Indian?

Jason Mantzoukas is an actor, comedian and writer. He is best known for his roles next to Sacha Baron Cohen in the feature film The Dictator and in the television comedy series The League. Mantzoukas of Greek descent was born on December 18th, 1972, in Massachusetts.

How old is Jason mantzoukas?

48 years (December 18, 1972)
Jason Mantzoukas/Age

Who plays Nuclear Nadal?

Jason MantzoukasThe Dictator
Nadal/Played by

How is Dennis Feinstein in Parks and Recreation?

He is often rude to those not as important as him, and is somewhat cruel, as he once talked about how he likes to have drugged foxes flown in from Russia to hunt, or sometimes just shoot immediately. In most of the episodes he appears in, it is implied that he pays to hunt humans for sport.

Who is Jason Mantzoukas on Parks and Recreation?

Mantzoukas has also appeared in the films Sleeping with Other People, They Came Together, and Conception. He has had recurring roles on the three TV shows created by Michael Schur: Parks and Recreation as Dennis Feinstein; Brooklyn Nine-Nine as Adrian Pimento; and The Good Place as Derek Hoffstetler.

Why did Dennis Feinstein change his name to Dennis?

Dennis Feinstein is a famous fragrance maker in Pawnee. His name was originally Dante Fiero but he changed it to “Dennis Feinstein” because it’s considered more exotic in Pawnee.

What does Dennis say to Ben on Parks and Recreation?

When Ben asks what he’s talking about, Dennis says he’s talking about the best vacation of his life. Ben begs Dennis not to fire Eddie, telling him he doesn’t want the job and it was a mistake to try to branch out. Dennis laughs and tells Ben he’s crazy, saying “we’ll be in touch”.