Who is the director of the movie Leonera?

Who is the director of the movie Leonera?

This is really powerful cinema presented by Pablo Trapero. The movie, the performances and the location will leave you breathless. This movie is not only about a mother’s struggle about raising her child in a prison, but it goes much beyond it in a bold, brutal and beautiful way.

Why was Leonera filmed in a real prison?

The whole movie is about love, mother’s love for his child, love between two human beings and the extent to which a mother will go to get her child back. Shooting the movie in a real prison and adding this to a very clever use of background prison noises creates an atmosphere which makes the whole presentation even more gripping.

Who is Julia from the book Leonera about?

Julia, a 25 year-old university student, two weeks pregnant, with no criminal record, is sent to prison. Julia murdered the father of her child. This story addresses maternity, jail and Justice; confinement, guilt and solitude; but above all it deals with Julia and her son, Tomas, born inside an Argentinean prison. — Anonymous


Who is the author of 80 Mejores Peliculas del Cine Argentino?

A retired legal counselor writes a novel hoping to find closure for one of his past unresolved homicide cases and for his unreciprocated love with his superior – both of which still haunt him decades later. Votes: 196,566 | Gross: $6.39M 2. Zama (2017) 6.8 Error: please try again.

How long is the documentary 80 Mejores del Cine Argentino?

Divided into three segments, namely 1 Neocolonialism, 2 Act for liberation, 3 Violence and liberation, the documentary lasts more than 4 hours this deals with the defense of the revolution See full summary » Directors: Octavio Getino, Fernando E. Solanas | Stars: María de la Paz, Fernando E. Solanas, Edgardo Suárez, Fidel Castro