Who is good against Draven?

Who is good against Draven?

Someone like Thresh, Leona, Alistar or Poppy are good into Draven as they all have tanky stats and can protect themselves. They also all have crowd control which is one of Draven’s biggest struggles. If he gets locked in CC or gets interrupted, he will drop axes and lose a lot of damage.

Which ADC is good against Draven?

Caitlyn is probably the best ADC vs Draven, because she similarly is a lane bully, and has selft peel in her range and nets. In a lane against Draven, the support is the more important part of the equation.

Who counters Draven in wild rift?

League of Legends Wild Rift Draven Counters are Ziggs, Jinx, and Jhin, which have the best chance of winning Draven in the lane. You DO NOT want to pick Corki or Ezreal as they will most likely lose to Draven.

What support counters Draven?

For me, fiddlesticks is the best counter for Draven. With every other support that uses hard skillshot CC (Nami/Thresh) Draven can punish you extremely hard if you miss but with Fiddle its a point and click fear with a decent duration and CD.

How to counter Draven in League of Legends?

Draven counters and more. Please let us know what you think and how we can improve by clicking here. Punish Draven for moving to catch axes with a skillshot harass, or CC from a support. Preventing Draven from catching axes will significantly lower his damage output. Try to play safe, Draven can snowball out of control with stacks + early kills.

Why is Draven the best counter in KOG Maw?

DoublefeedOP says “Draven is Kog’Maw’s greatest counter because of his extremely oppressive early game.” EzVeryReal says “This matchup is fairly skill based but still Samira favored. Every time you W, if Draven throws an axe, it’ll consume it and he won’t get it back.

Can you play Draven as a 9 / 10 counter?

However, there is one thing that stops Draven from being a 9 or 10/10 counter. That is lategame you out damage him thanks to your range and general scaling, and the fact Draven is HARD to play.

What to do with Draven in RuneScape?

Draven is a nightmare for Jhin as his lane presence is simply disgusting. You can never really trade with him so stick to farming hard, and only use your Dancing Greande to harass. Even with a 4th whisper shot you wont outdamage him. Play it safe on this one. However, there is one thing that stops Draven from being a 9 or 10/10 counter.