Which is the best definition of the word connubial?

Which is the best definition of the word connubial?

Definition of connubial. : of or relating to the married state : conjugal connubial relations. Other Words from connubial Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about connubial. Keep scrolling for more.

What does it mean to be in a group on GroupMe?

When someone sends a message, everyone in the group can see and respond to it. The app allows users to easily attach and send pictures, documents, videos and web-links as well. Users can also send private messages, but only to users who are also active on the GroupMe app. [14]

Which is the best definition of the verb group?

Verb you should first group the invertebrates by genus group the kids together and we’ll see who’s missing Recent Examples on the Web: Noun However, you are never required to be part of that group.

Who are the founders of the company GroupMe?

GroupMe was conceived at TechCrunch Disrupt 2010. Founders Jared Hecht and Steve Martocci raised US$10.6 million in venture capital from Khosla Ventures, General Catalyst Partners, angel investors, and others.

of marriage or wedlock; matrimonial; conjugal: connubial love. Think you remember last week’s words? Take this quiz on the Words of the Day from April 6–12 to find out! a person who dances professionally, as on the stage. an example of writing or speech consisting of or containing meaningless words. a petty gangster or ruffian. nuptial, marital.

Is there such a thing as a connubial blindness?

There is the connubial blindness, ma’am, which perhaps you may have observed in the course of your own experience, and which is a kind of wilful and self-bandaging blindness.

How did Anne give him a connubial lecture?

Anne shut the door and gave him a connubial lecture. There was one young couple, in whom connubial love was yet fresh, walking at a respectful distance from each other; while the swain directed the timid steps of his bride, by a gallant offering of a thumb.

How old was the princess when she became a connubial?

Other connubial speculations foundered on the personal dislike of the princess for the various suitors proposed to her, so that on the death of her mother (May 1727) and the departure to Holstein of her beloved sister Anne, her only remaining near relation, the princess found herself at the age of eighteen practically her own mistress.