Where is the city of Bisceglie in Italy?

Where is the city of Bisceglie in Italy?

Bisceglie ( Italian: [biʃˈʃeʎʎe]; Biscegliese: Vescégghie) is a city and municipality on the Adriatic Sea of 55,251 inhabitants in the province of Barletta-Andria-Trani, in the Apulia region ( Italian: Puglia ), in southern Italy. The city was awarded Blue Flag Beach certification in 2001 for high environmental and quality standards.

What was Bisceglie like in the Roman Empire?

At the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the territory of Bisceglie was characterized by the presence of small clumps of houses surrounded by high walls that were often adjacent to religious temples.

Who was the first person to live in Bisceglie?

The territory of Bisceglie has been inhabited since prehistoric times. In the Paleolithic period caves in the area were inhabited by people of Mediterranean descent. Evidence of human activity is found in numerous flaked stone weapons and tools, remains of animals of extinct species such as prehistoric lions, bears,…

What kind of graves were built in Bisceglie?

In the Bronze Age, impressive grave-altars called dolmens were built on Bisceglie land by the primitive people who lived there. The most interesting in quality are the Chianca dolmen (from the local dialect word ‘chienghe’, or stone slab), the Albarosa dolmen, and the Frisari dolmen.

Who are the patron saints of Bisceglie Italy?

In this period the worship of Saints Maurus, Sergius and Pantalemon was introduced and they became the new patron saints of Bisceglie. In 1063 the bishopric of Bisceglie was established by Pope Alexander II and the construction of the cathedral was started.

Who is the oldest person in Bisceglie Italy?

16,807 ancestors and 25,885 events were found for this town. The oldest event is the Birth of Francesco Dello Bruno in 1650. Who have contributed for events in Bisceglie?