Where is STMicroelectronics located?

Where is STMicroelectronics located?

The company’s US headquarters is in Coppell, Texas….STMicroelectronics.

STMicroelectronics building in Plan-les-Ouates, Switzerland, aerial view
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Traded as BIT: STM Euronext: STM NYSE: STM CAC 40 Component
Industry Semiconductors

Who is the CEO of STMicroelectronics?

Jean-Marc Chery (May 31, 2018–)

Jean-Marc Chery is STMicroelectronics’ President and Chief Executive Officer, and has held this position since May 31st, 2018. He is the Sole Member of ST’s Managing Board and chairs its Executive Committee.

What does STMicroelectronics manufacture?

STMicroelectronics N.V. is a Switzerland-based semiconductor company. It designs, develops, manufactures and markets a range of products, including discrete and standard commodity components, and application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) for analog, digital and mixed-signal applications.

What companies use Stmicroelectronics?

ST already has the leading customers: Apple, Bosch, Cisco, Continental, HP, Samsung, Sony and Western Digital, among others. But the company also sells more and more to diversified markets and smaller customers, especially through its distribution channel.

When was Stmicroelectronics founded?


What companies use STMicroelectronics?

Who are STMicroelectronics competitors?

Top Competitors of STMicroelectronics

  • Infineon. 41,400. $10 Billion.
  • ON Semiconductor. 34,800. $5 Billion.
  • Texas Instruments. 29,768. $14 Billion.
  • NXP Semiconductors. 29,400. $8 Billion.
  • Semtech. 1,394. $595 Million.
  • Maxim Integrated. 7,115. $2 Billion.
  • Ixys. 1,002. $322 Million.
  • Renesas Electronics. 18,958. $6 Billion.

What is Stmicroelectronics 3 axis digital accelerometer?

The LIS3DSHTR is an ultra-low-power high-performance 3-axis linear accelerometer with two embedded finite-state machines. Each state machine has 16 states for data storage. The device can be configured to generate interrupt signals activated by user defined motion patterns.

How do semiconductors work?

Semiconductors works due to imbalance of electrons that carry negative charge. This imbalance of electrons generates positive (where there are excess protons) and negative charges (where there are excess electrons) at two ends of surfaces of the semiconductor material. This is how semiconductor works.

How many locations does STMicroelectronics have in the US?

STMicroelectronics has offices in Plan-les-Ouates, Austin, Burlington, Coppell and in 83 other locations. How many offices does STMicroelectronics have?

Where are STMicroelectronics headquarters in Plan-les-Ouates?

STMicroelectronics headquarters is located at 39 Chemin du Champ-des-Filles, Plan-les-Ouates. Where are STMicroelectronics offices? STMicroelectronics has offices in Plan-les-Ouates, Austin, Burlington, Coppell and in 83 other locations.

What does STMicroelectronics do for a living?

STMicroelectronics is a leading Integrated Device Manufacturer delivering solutions that are key to Smart Driving, Smart Industry, Smart Home & City and Smart Things.

Where is the STM32 microcontroller made by STMicroelectronics?

STM32 microcontroller made by STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics is a French-Italian multinational electronics and semiconductors manufacturer headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland resulting from the merger of two government-owned semiconductor companies in 1987: “Thomson Semiconducteurs” of France and “SGS Microelettronica” of Italy.