Where is Rousselot from?

Where is Rousselot from?

Rousselot was founded in France in 1891 by Edouard Rousselot. From our beginnings as a family-owned business, our commitment to high-quality, safe products, enabled us to develop an understanding of gelatin and related ingredients – both operationally and technologically – that is unparalleled throughout the world.

What does Rousselot do?

Rousselot is the global leader in collagen-based solutions* for the food, health & nutrition, (bio)medical, and pharmaceutical sectors.

Who owns peptan?

Peptan is produced and marketed by Rousselot. Peptan collagen peptides are bioactive ingredients that have been specifically developed to deliver multiple health benefits and functional properties.

What is collagen peptides used for?

Collagen peptides are used for aging skin and osteoarthritis. They are also used for osteoporosis, brittle nails, muscle strength, and many other conditions, but there is no good scientific evidence to support most of these uses.

How to contact Rousselot, Darling ingredients global business?

At Rousselot, we are eager to share products, ideas and expertise. If you have any questions, queries or ideas you wish to discuss with us, please contact us today. Watch our video to know more about Rousselot and our three market segments serving the food, health and nutrition biomedical and pharmaceutical industries.

What makes Rousselot a world-class company?

We collaborate with customers all over the world – creating world class products, manufactured through our state of the art operations, with an unshakable commitment to safety, quality and sustainability. Together with our customers, we reach further.

When did Rousselot become part of VION Ingredients?

In 2002, Rousselot became a part of VION Ingredients, a worldwide leader in the development and production of specialty ingredients of animal origins. Six years later, we strengthened our global position by acquiring Peptan, now the world’s leading collagen peptide brand. In 2014, Rousselot became a part of Darling Ingredients.

What are the core values of Darling ingredients?

At Darling Ingredients, we share the following core values: Rousselot is a brand of Darling Ingredients. Learn more about Darling Ingredients and its other brands and solutions.