Where is Dilip Chhabria now?

Where is Dilip Chhabria now?

Popular car designer Dilip Chhabria has been granted bail by the Esplanade magistrate court in Mumbai, after over three months of his arrest by the Mumbai Police Crime Branch in connection with a car financing and forgery scam worth at least Rs 40 crore.

Is DC Avanti Indian brand?

The DC Avanti is a coupe styled sports car produced by DC Design, an Indian design firm originally headed by Dilip Chhabria. It was unveiled at the 2012 Auto Expo in New Delhi. The Avanti is powered by 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine producing 250 bhp with a six-speed manual transmission.

Who is the owner of DC car?

Dilip Chhabria
Dilip Chhabria is a well-known name when it comes to modified vehicles and his trademark ‘DC’ design has been much sought after and has several celebrities as his clients. He is also credited with launching DC Avanti, known as India’s first sports car in 2016.

Is Dilip Chhabria out of jail?

Dilip Chhabria gets bail in the multi-crore car financing and forgery scam. Esplanade magistrate court has granted the bail, after over three months of his arrest by the Mumbai Police Crime Branch.

When did the DC Design Avanti come out?

The result was christened Avanti, in a nod to Studebaker’s 1960s luxury coupe, and arrived in 2012 as a concept with supercar intentions. It took DC another two years to showcase a production version, which made it clear that the Avanti will be more of the sports car with just a four-cylinder engine under the hood.

When did Dilip Chhabria design DC Avanti bus?

In 2012, Air Works India tied up with Chhabria to design airplane interiors. In 2013, he was hired by Siddhi Vinayak Logistics to design the buses for their luxury bus service. In 2014, he designed custom luxury buses for Girikand Logistics. In 2015, he launched the DC Avanti.

What is the price of DC Avanti sports car?

Priced at Rs 35.93 lakh (ex-showroom Pune), the striking looking model has created quite a stir in the market thanks to its unusual design. Thailand-based Vanatical Design has teased its first sportscar.

What’s the top speed of a 2016 DC Design Avanti?

Power traveled to the rear wheels through a five-speed automatic transmission and enables the Orochi to crawl from naught to 60 mph in eight seconds on its way to a top speed of only 110 mph. That’s a half-second slower than a 2015 Sienna XLE with all-wheel drive, by the way.