When does the PEF salary schedule come into effect?

When does the PEF salary schedule come into effect?

PEF SALARY SCHEDULE EFFECTIVE April 7 , 2016 DMIN) (A EFFECTIVE March 31, 2016 (INST) 2% Increas e 1.02 HIRING JOB ADVANCE SG RATE RATE AMOUNT JOB RATE ADVANCE 1 $22,407 $28,914 $930 $927 2 $23,257 $30,080 $975 $973 3 $24,395 $31,551 $1,023 $1,018 4 $25,490 $33,021 $1,073 $1,093

When do PEF contract talks with state end?

PEF contract chair tells board: ‘I will not beg!’ Gets standing ovation Health insurance, compensation discussions open; small table talks going well in PEF contract talks with the state

Who is the chair of the PEF board?

Contract Town Hall, where President Spence and members of the PEF Contract Team answered members’ questions about the status of contract negotiations. Click on the link to watch the the Contract Town Hall. PEF contract chair tells board: ‘I will not beg!’

Do you get on call pay with PEF?

PEF has worked to ensure DOH employees get on-call pay. On-call pay is now being provided for the DOH Covid-19 hotline. Other grievances are still in process.

Where can I find the 2016-2019 PEF contract?

The final language of the 2016-2019 PEF/State Contract is now available online. In a continued effort to provide information as quickly as possible, please click here to view or download the PS 2016-2019 Contract.

How much do public employees get paid per year?

7.1 2016-2017 Salary Increase 17 7.2 2016-2017 Salary Schedule 17 7.3 2017-2018 Salary Increase 17 7.4 2017-2018 Salary Schedule 17 7.5 2018-2019 Salary Increase 17 7.6 2018-2019 Salary Schedule 17 7.7 Promotions 18

How can I find the 247 page PEF contract?

The 247 page PEF contract has been converted into a fully searchable PDF format, which is a great resource tool. Note: On most computers you will need to hold the “ CONTROL” and the “ F” keyboard button in order to activate the search function. You then insert the exact term you are searching for.