Whats in the Microsoft Action Pack?

Whats in the Microsoft Action Pack?

What Is Included In A Microsoft Action Pack Subscription (MAPS)? 3 Visual Studio Professional Subscriptions (formerly known as MSDN Subscriptions) 5 Microsoft 365 E3 (formerly Office 365 E3) seats. 5 Intune.

What is Action Pack?

: filled with action, danger, and excitement an action-packed adventure movie.

How do I use Microsoft Action Pack subscription?

Microsoft Action Pack

  1. Step 1: Verify your Microsoft Partner Network account. To be fully verified, your organization’s Partner Center account must complete a five-step business verification process.
  2. Step 2: Ensure you are an MPN partner administrator.
  3. Step 3: Renew your competency or Microsoft Action Pack.

What are the different types of Microsoft Action Packs?

Currently Microsoft offers two different types of Action Packs to choose from: Microsoft Action Pack Subscription (MAPS) or the Learning Action Pack Subscription (LAPS) You can find more details about Action Pack on the Microsoft Partner Network site.

Is the Microsoft Action Pack worth the money?

If you already are a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, or you are seriously considering it, then you’ll certainly love the Action Pack that Microsoft offers its smaller partners, in order for them to save a lot of money on a plethora of products and services, that they were going to buy anyways.

When do Microsoft Action Pack subscriptions expire?

If Renew subscription isn’t displayed or is greyed out, you’re not yet eligible to renew your Action Pack subscription. We’ve changed our renewal window policy and you can renew your subscription only after it expires. For example, if your subscription expires on June 22, you can renew it starting June 23 and for 30 days after.

Can a Microsoft Partner use the Action Pack?

Microsoft Partner Network rules stipulate that all software offered as a program benefit can only be used internally. This applies to the overall MPN software license benefits (including the Action Pack licenses and Visual Studio Subscription products & services).