What makes Sony HDR AS15 action camera so good?

What makes Sony HDR AS15 action camera so good?

SteadyShot® image stabilization with Active Mode compensates for greater degrees of camera shake to deliver stunningly smooth video from wide angle to full telephoto shooting. In addition, innovative 3-Way Shake-Canceling adds electronic roll stability for even smoother video capture.

What kind of camera is the Action Cam?

The Action Cam comes in two flavours, one with Wi-Fi and one without, though Australians will only be getting the Wi-Fi-enabled version, dubbed the HDR-AS15. The Action Cam is a very small and lightweight shotgun-style camcorder, which has a 170-degree lens and stereo microphone on its front.

What are the specs of a Sony Action Cam?

Elsewhere on the specifications side of things, the Action Cam is on par with all the other offerings in this category. It sports full HD video recording at 1080p (30 frames per second), 720p (30, 60 or 120fps) or 480p (30fps). Image stabilisation is standard, a feature that other cameras of this class miss out on.

Where is the SD card on a Sony Action Cam?

The Action Cam uses microSD cards or MemoryStick Micro cards, which are both accepted in a dual-slot that sits behind the rear door. As such, it’s easy to insert the card back-to-front, which you only realise when the camera gives you a “no card” error when switching it on.

Is the Sony Action Cam a good camera?

The Bottom Line Sony’s first action camera is good. It just needs a few design tweaks and feature fixes to make it stand out even more. Visit for details. When Sony first announced that it would be making an action camera for the adventurous type, the photography world sat up and paid attention.

What kind of ports does a Sony Action Cam have?

Pry open the door on the bottom and you’ll find Micro-USB and Micro-HDMI ports, an expansion connector for use with the aforementioned camcorder cradle, and an external mic jack, which is a rarity on action cameras.

Is there a desiccant pack for a Sony Action Cam?

Sony sells desiccant packs, but you can squeeze a small silica gel pack (like the kind you’d find in a shoebox) into the housing and accomplish the same thing. The two included mounts are somewhat large and the adhesive is somewhat weak, so you might be better off finding alternatives that use the tripod mount or just getting better adhesive pads.