What level should I be for the Ascalonian catacombs?

What level should I be for the Ascalonian catacombs?

level 30
Ascalonian Catacombs is the first dungeon you will encounter. It is located in Plains of Ashford (Charr starter area) around the NE corner of the map. Details of Ascalonian Catacombs Story Mode are on this page. It is designed for players of level 30.

Is Ascalonian catacombs Soloable?

No need to solo.

How do you farm Ascalonian tears?

Ascalonian Tears are a currency earned by completing the Ascalonian Catacombs dungeon in explorable mode. They are stored in the Account Wallet and may be traded to the any Dungeon Merchant.

What happened Ascalon?

The ongoing human-charr conflict lasted for around 1,100 years, culminating at the end of the Third Guild War when the human kingdom of Ascalon was all but destroyed by the charr shamans using magical cauldrons granted to them by titans under orders of Abaddon, the fallen human god.

Where are the Ascalonian catacombs in Guild Wars 2?

The Ascalonian Catacombs (abbreviated AC) are an underground network of tunnels and crypts within Ascalon. They have several levels, and were built over a gaping cavern connected to the Underworld.

Is there an explorable mode for Ascalonian catacombs?

This article is about the explorable mode of Ascalonian Catacombs dungeon. For story mode, see Ascalonian Catacombs (story). King Adelbern has been defeated, but the Durmand Priory is working down there and has found something nasty. Apparently the Ghosts were keeping darker things in check. Now the haunted depths are overrun with gravelings.

Where do you go with Detha in Ascalonian catacombs?

Go with Detha to the flooded temple. Destroy the graveling burrow. Slay the spider queen. Go with Detha to the flooded temple. Defeat Lieutenant Kholer. Defend Detha from gravelings. Go with Detha to the Hall of Champions. Trap and kill the patriarch. Defend Detha and her traps. Speak with Detha. Speak with Detha when you are ready.

Who is the first boss in Ascalonian catacombs?

There is an Ascalonian captain with knockdown ability you must defeat before Eir joins you. Ascalonian Lientenant is the first real boss encounter in this dungeon. He is at the top of the stairs and will spawn a whole bunch of adds (Ascalonian mages, mesmers, monks, rangers, etc) when you first engage him.