What kind of company is AlphaSights?

What kind of company is AlphaSights?

information services company
AlphaSights is an information services company, specializing in connecting clients with experts, sometimes referred to as an expert network….AlphaSights.

Type Private
Area served Worldwide
Key people Max Cartellieri and Andrew Heath, Co-Founders and Managing Directors
Services Expert network Primary research

Is AlphaSights a pyramid scheme?

They are a scam. They get you through facebook or other social media. look for desperate people or bored housewife looking for some passive income.

Who owns AlphaSights?

Max Cartellieri –
Max Cartellieri – Co-Founder & Co-CEO – AlphaSights | LinkedIn.

How many employees does AlphaSights Ltd have UK?

ALPHASIGHTS LTD is located in LONDON, United Kingdom and is part of the Consulting Services Industry. ALPHASIGHTS LTD has 25 employees at this location and generates $191.18 million in sales (USD). (Employees figure is estimated). There are 5 companies in the ALPHASIGHTS LTD corporate family.

How is AlphaSights transforming the way knowledge work gets done?

AlphaSights is transforming the way knowledge work gets done. Watch our video to see how we help clients improve decisions, sharpen their thinking and drive their business forward. Our mission is to connect the world’s top professionals with the world’s best knowledge.

When did AlphaSights start providing Busi to clients?

AlphaSights was established in 2008. The company enables clients to make confident decisions by providing access to busi… Read More Vice President, Professional Development & Em… Where are AlphaSights’s headquarters?

Who is Andrew Heath, founder of AlphaSights?

Andrew Heath. Andrew Heath is an entrepreneur with a track record of founding, growing and running brokerage businesses across Europe, North America and Asia. Andrew co-founded AlphaSights, a global leader in knowledge search, allowing clients to onboard knowledge faster and more effectively.