What kind of benefits do you get with Sodexo?

What kind of benefits do you get with Sodexo?

To learn more about any of these programs, visit the Sodexo Benefits Center or call 855-668-5040. No-cost surgery benefit – orthopedic surgery care, coordination and 1:1 support. Dental – covers basic and major services including orthodontia. Vision – includes eye exams, frames, lenses and contacts.

Where can I find the Sodexo medical plan summary?

You may view the Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs) and Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBCs) for these plans on SodexoBenefitsCenter. New for 2021! This new benefit from Carrum Health connects CareFirst members facing orthopedic surgery (knee, hip, elbow, spine or shoulder) with high-quality surgeons and expert guidance.

How does Sodexo work with CareFirst HRA plan?

With the CareFirst HRA plan, you’ll pay less per paycheck for coverage, but generally pay a bit more out-of-pocket when you see a doctor or other healthcare provider. This plan also has a higher deductible. However, you will receive money from Sodexo in your HRA to help pay down your deductible.

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How does Sodexo work to track travel expenses?

Sodexo’s all-in-one platforms bring mobility and expense ecosystems together, each gives you visibility over all your travel and mobility expenses. Allowing you to track everything from commuter travel to business flights to fuel expenses in real time.

When do I log out of my Sodexo 401k?

Session Timeout. In order to protect your personal information, we automatically log you out of your account after a certain period of inactivity. Sodexo 401 (k) Savings Plan & Trust website.

Do you have to comply with Sodexo network policies?

All users of Sodexo network resources, including Internet access, must comply with Sodexo policies for such use. Sodexo reserves the right to monitor, access, retrieve, read, and disclose communications at any time, and to engage in automated monitoring, and investigation of irregularities.