What is the role of a youth worker?

What is the role of a youth worker?

As a youth worker, you’ll set, organise and run community programmes aimed at young people aged between 11 and 25. Through these programmes, you’ll help them to explore and understand their ideas, values and beliefs, building their confidence and life skills so that they can make a successful transition to adulthood.

What qualifications do I need to be a youth support worker?

To get on a relevant degree you need five GCSEs A-C, including maths, English and science, and two A levels. There are no specific subjects required but relevant ones would include psychology, sociology, and law. A level 3 course in health and social care would be relevant for this work.

What skills do you need to be a youth worker?

What skills does a Youth Worker need?

  • Commitment to young people and an understanding of the factors affecting their lives.
  • The ability to act with integrity in times of stress.
  • Interpersonal skills, with the ability to establish good relationships with a range of people.
  • Patience, tolerance and flexibility.

What qualities make a good youth worker?

Skills required to be a Youth Worker

  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • A non-judgemental, caring personality.
  • Leadership and organisational skills.
  • Patience, Resilience and Integrity.
  • A sense of humour.

What does a youth care worker do?

A youth care worker generally is employed at a facility that provides shelter to homeless or runaway teenagers, or activities for delinquent children and adolescents, or programs for those with with psychological problems. A worker’s duties may include documenting records or assisting students in activities…

What do youth workers do?

A youth worker is someone who specializes in working with children, pre-teens, or teens. He or she may work for an organization such as a church or non-profit group, often involved in organizing events, counseling youth, or simply talking and interacting with young people.

What does youth worker mean?

Youth worker. A Youth worker is a person that works with young people to engage them in informal education. Youth workers can work in many contexts. In the UK and elsewhere, the main distinction is usually made between statutory, those who work as part of a government run initiative, and non-statutory, those that work in any other context.

What is youth work program?

Throughout the United States and Canada, youth work is any activity that seeks to engage young people in coordinated programs, including those that are recreational, educational, or social by nature and design. “Youth work” is defined as activities that intentionally seek to impact young people.