What is the flounder season in New Jersey?

What is the flounder season in New Jersey?

NJ Summer Flounder season is from May 22 thru Sept 19, 2021. 3 fish per-person limit. Must be at least 18 inches in length.

Where can I find flounder in NJ?

5 New Jersey Doormat Flounder Hotspots

  • AMBROSE CHANNEL (GPS 40’31.25 / 73’59.41)
  • (GPS 39’45.30 / 74’01.50)
  • OLD GROUNDS (GPS 38’34.40/ 74’47.72)
  • (GPS 40’01.74 / 73’56.01)

What is the biggest flounder caught in New Jersey?

New Jersey State Record Saltwater Fish

Species Lbs. Angler
Flounder, winter 5 Jimmy Swanson
Hake, red (Ling) 12 Billy Watson
Hake, white 41 Wayne Eble
Kingfish, Northern 2 Chester Urbanski

When is Flounder season in New Jersey?

It is especially popular in New Jersey, attracting many thousands of anglers each summer season because of the abundance of these fish close to beaches and in bays and creeks. The summer flounder season in New Jersey typically runs from May through September, concurrent with the peak tourism season.

When is fishing season in NJ?

New Jersey fishing seasons may be short, but they pack a heck of a lot in. The action usually starts in March and April and begins to die down by October. Luckily, this is also when the vast majority of people visit.

Where do flounder migrate?

Mature summer flounder migrate from coastal bays and estuaries during the fall to spawn along the edge of the continental shelf. After spawning is complete, individuals return to coastal bays and estuaries , where they reside during the spring and summer.

What is Flounder flounder in?

Fluke, a type of flounder, are being farm raised in open water by Mariculture Technologies in Greenport, New York.