What is the difference between soprano and tenor recorder?

What is the difference between soprano and tenor recorder?

The soprano and tenor both have a bottom note of C. The tenor sounds an octave lower than the soprano. They play in the same way apart from the tenor is much bigger! These tend to be the most common choice as many people learn the soprano recorder at school.

What pitch is a tenor recorder?

Modern recorders

Ranges of the modern recorder family
In C In F
soprano or descant in C5 (c″) alto or treble in F4 (f′)
tenor in C4 (c′) bass or basset in F3 (f)
(great) bass or quart-bass in C3 (c) contrabass or great bass or sub-bass in F2 (F)

How big is a sopranino recorder?

20 cm
The sopranino recorder is the second smallest recorder of the modern recorder family, and was the smallest before the 17th century. This modern instrument has F5 as its lowest note, and its length is 20 cm.

What is the difference between a soprano recorder and an alto recorder?

The alto recorder is based on the pitch F and is a little longer and more expensive than soprano recorders. The soprano recorder is a fifth higher and based on C. The alto is great for older, advanced students and teachers, while the soprano is perfect for beginners and carrying the melody.

What kind of recorder is an aulos sopranino?

Old Aulos Sopranino Recorders The upper, three part, sopranino has no model number marked, but was sold (in the UK) as 207. It was provided with an orange needle cord bag. The lower, two part, sopranino is very old and has a pale brown, ribbed plastic, case. I have no more information. It plays very sweetly.

How big is the pad cup on an aulos 111 recorder?

The long discontinued Aulos 111 tenor recorder. (The 211 looks identical.) The key is made of plastic and breaks easily. On this model the outside diameter of the pad cup is 14mm. There are no longer any replacement keys available. Tenor recorders generate more queries than anything else! They vary in size but they are all large.

What’s the difference between aulos A and B recorders?

The early ‘A’ model treble is slightly longer and bigger in the bore than the ‘B’ model. The parts are not interchangeable. Old Aulos Tenor Recorders. The discontinued Aulos 311 tenor recorder (above). It shares the same head as the keyless 311N model. The head is prone to breakage at the ridge above the bulge.

What kind of plastic is an aulos recorder made out of?

Aulos recorders are made using an almost indestructible ABS plastic. And, if the occasion ever does arise, each Aulos recorder has a lifetime warranty against plastic breakage. Which makes them perfect for youth education and use. Aulos Features Include: *Patented double joint permits smooth joining with no air leaks