What is the best contraction timer app?

What is the best contraction timer app?

Full Term
Available for both Apple and Android devices (including the Apple Watch), Full Term is one of the most popular and highly rated contraction timer apps out there.

Is there an app to monitor contractions?

A contraction timer is an app that automatically tracks, times, and counts contractions. A contraction timer measures the duration and frequency of contractions to indicate which stage of labor you’re in and if it’s time to call your provider and/or go to the birthing center or hospital.

Can Apple watch measure contractions?

Mothers can now hear their baby’s heart rate in real-time on their wrist using the Apple Watch. At today’s big event Apple announced that physicians can monitor fetal heart rate, as well as contractions and the mother’s heart rate remotely.

How can I keep track of my contractions?

Keep track of your labor by tapping a single button at the start and at the end of each contraction. The Contraction Timer analyzes the duration and frequency of contractions and will notify you when it’s time to go to the hospital. Thousands of pregnant women around the world have become mothers using our app.

How does the full term contraction timer work?

The application is designed to keep track of the times, durations and frequency of the entire labor period. Your full labor history and contraction progress will be saved regardless of whether you restart the application during your labor, or restart the entire device.

Which is the best app to track contractions?

This application is the best and most convenient way to keep track of your labor contractions. I created this application for use during my own wife’s labor and have paid special attention to keeping the interface as clean and clutter free as possible.

You can even email your contraction history to a health care professional or to yourself for your own records. You also get a handy reference that you can use to get a rule of thumb estimate of your progress through labor. You can also configure the duration you wish to keep track of based on your needs.