What is table type and line type in sap Abap?

What is table type and line type in sap Abap?

Line type tells the data type of an internal table which can be a structure, a table, an internal table or any data type. Keys are the one which helps to identify each row. Table type specifies how ABAP will access these internal tables i.e. standard table, sorted table & hashed table.

What is row type in sap?

A table type defined in ABAP Dictionary or using TYPES or DATA is specified fully using: Row Type. The row type of an internal table can be any data type. If the row type is structured, the individual components of a row are also known as the columns of the internal table.

What is like line of in ABAP?

LIKE LINE OF means that the variable will be of the table line type. LIKE means that the variable will be exactly of the same type as the one sitting after this key word. Example. TYPES: BEGIN OF t_my_example_structure, my_example_field1 TYPE i, my_example_field2 TYPE n, END OF t_my_example_structure.

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When to use% type and% rowtype?

For easier code maintenance that interacts with the database, you can also use the special qualifiers %TYPE and %ROWTYPE to declare variables that hold table columns or table rows. This section contains the following topics: The %TYPE attribute provides the datatype of a variable or table column.

What does the% rowtype attribute do in DBA?

%ROWTYPE attribute lets you declare a record that represents a row in a table or a view. The record has a same field with same name and data type. The change in reference table structure does not impart the code that is declaring those columns.

Do you need to know the name of each column in rowtype?

Declaring variables as the type table_name%ROWTYPE is a convenient way to transfer data between database tables and PL/SQL. You create a single variable rather than a separate variable for each column. You do not need to know the name of every column.

How to find table types and line types in SAP?

Now put the cursor on the Table Name field, press CNTL SHFT F3, on the WHERE USED LIST Pop up, Select only the TABLE TYPE Option and press EXECUTE. This will bring the Table Types and Line Types. I. Transparent tables (BKPF, VBAK, VBAP, KNA1, COEP) Allows secondary indexes (SE11->Display Table->Indexes)