What is suction stroke in 4 stroke petrol?

What is suction stroke in 4 stroke petrol?

The four-stroke engine cycle Suction stroke:The piston descends towards Bottom Dead Center (BDC) and the outside air pressure is equalizing the reduced in-cylinder pressure through the open intake valve. In the vicinity of TDC, the fuel-air mixture is ignited and the in-cylinder pressure is increased.

What is suction stroke in petrol engine?

Suction or intake stroke- initially when engine is started piston moves downwards towards BDC of the cylinder which creates low pressure at top. Due to this intake valve opens and the a mixture containing petrol vapors and air are sucked in by the cylinder.

What is 4 stroke cycle on a petrol vehicle?

An internal-combustion engine goes through four strokes: intake, compression, combustion (power), and exhaust. As the piston moves during each stroke, it turns the crankshaft.

How does a 4 stroke petrol engine work?

What Are the Strokes of a 4-Cycle Engine? At the end of the compression (previous) stroke, the spark plug fires and ignites the compressed air/fuel mixture. This ignition/explosion forces the piston back down the cylinder bore and rotates the crankshaft, propelling the vehicle forward.

How does the suction stroke work in a petrol engine?

SUCTION STROKE: In this Stroke the inlet valve opens and proportionate fuel-air mixture is sucked in the engine cylinder. Thus the piston moves from top dead centre (T.D.C.) to bottom dead centre (B.D.C.).

What are the four strokes of a petrol engine?

The four strokes are (1)Suction stroke (2)Compression stroke (3)Expansion or power or working stroke (4)Exhaust stroke At the end of exhaust valve is closed and inlet valve is opened and thus cycle is repeated.

How does the intake stroke work in a 4 stroke engine?

Intake stroke: The intake valve (on the top left of each image) is open and as the piston travels downward, this suction pulls the air/fuel mixture into the cylinder. Compression stroke: Both valves are now closed and the piston compresses the air fuel into a much smaller volume, preparing the mixture for ignition.

Where do the events take place in a four stroke engine?

FOUR STROKE CYCLE ENGINE ( DIESEL/ PETROL ENGINE) In four stroke cycle engines the four events namely suction, compression, power and exhaust take place inside the engine cylinder. The four events are completed in four strokes of the piston (two revolutions of the crank shaft).