What is Robin software?

What is Robin software?

Robin is a cloud-based office scheduling software designed to help users reserve meeting rooms, find desks and move around the office using tools such as a scheduling web dashboard, calendar integration, and browser and Outlook plugins, plus analytics, room displays, desk management, and more.

What should I look for in a room booking system?

When choosing meeting room booking software, consider the following 10 factors:

  • Ease of use.
  • Anytime, anywhere access.
  • Established client base and support team.
  • Built-in reporting capabilities.
  • Real-time synchronization.
  • Scalability.
  • Ability to order additional services at the same time as booking a room.

What is a meeting room booking system?

Meeting room booking systems provide simple tools for reserving conference rooms and other spaces or resources within an office or shared workplace. Certain products in this category provide analytics features to offer insight into shared space usage and help refine room scheduling protocol.

What does Robin powered do?

About Robin Robin Powered features “Space Management” functionality that provides users with real-time office maps and workplace analytics. Users can also set up digitals signage for meeting rooms in various devices that include tablets and televisions.

How do I book a conference room?

How to Book a Conference Room in Outlook. 1. With Outlook open, click the. Calendar button in the bottom left pane. How to Book a Conference Room in Outlook. 2. Create a new meeting request by clicking on the New Meeting button, located on the ‘Home’ tab of the Outlook ribbon.

How to book a conference room from Outlook?


  • Click “Schedule View” in the Ribbon interface.
  • one for each conference room.
  • Enter a meeting or event title in the Subject text box. Enter the conference room…
  • How do I Reserve the conference room?

    How to Reserve a Conference Room (Outlook 2016) Open Microsoft Outlook on your PC. Click on Calendar and click on New Appointment. Set the preferred Start/End date and time for your meeting. Make sure ‘Room Finder’ is clicked (button is ‘pressed’). View Available DDOT Conference Rooms. Use Scheduling Assistant Feature to View Available Conference Rooms. Select the Conference Room.

    How do I book meeting rooms?

    Double-click the day for which you want to make a booking.

  • End time.
  • Click Scheduling Assistant.
  • Click Invite Attendees.
  • The Room Finder appears on the right-hand edge.
  • Select the room you want by adding a checkmark to it in the left-hand room list.