What is p4 tag?

What is p4 tag?

Description. Use p4 tag to tag specified file revisions with a label. A labelname is required. If the file argument does not include a revision specification, the head revision is tagged with the label. If the file argument includes a revision range specification, only files with revisions in that range are tagged.

What is p4 size?

215 × 280 mm
Further Information

Format Width × Height (mm) Width × Height (in)
P2 430 × 560 mm 16.9 × 22 in
P3 280 × 430 mm 11 × 16.9 in
P4 215 × 280 mm 8.5 × 11 in
P5 140 × 215 mm 5.5 × 8.5 in

What does p4 status do?

The p4 status command finds unopened files in a client’s workspace and detects the following three types of inconsistencies between your workspace and the depot: Files present in the depot, present in your have list, but missing from your workspace. By default, these files are then opened for delete .

What is a p4 connection?

1. The P4 connector is a 12V power supply cable used with motherboards that have an Intel Pentium 4 or later processor.

Do you need a label to use P4 tag?

Use p4 tag to tag specified file revisions with a label. A labelname is required. If a label named labelname does not exist, it is created automatically. If the label already exists, you must be the Owner: of the label and the label must be unlocked in order for you to tag or untag files with the label.

How does P4 tag work in Perforce server?

By default, p4 tag operates on the head revision of files in the depot. To preserve the state of a client workspace, use p4 labelsync, which operates on the revision of files last synced to your workspace. With a distributed Perforce service, p4 labelsync works with a label local to the edge server.

How to update a global label in P4?

To update a global label, the client workspace must also be an unbound (global) workspace. Display what p4 tag would do without actually performing the operation. If tagging files with a new label, set the unload option of the newly-created label. This option has no effect when used with an existing label. See “Global Options” .

Is the P4 tag command sync to changelist 123456?

The label you are creating with the ‘p4 tag’ command doesn’t record the fact that it’s sync’d to changelist 123456. Rather, it is recording: