What is NovaStar used for?

What is NovaStar used for?

NovaStar, a global leading LED display solution provider, designs and develops LED display control solutions for a variety of market applications including entertainment, digital signage and rental.

Where is NovaStar located?

Our growth since 1998 is fueled by excellent service resulting in high levels of customer satisfaction. Located in Livonia, MI NovaStar serves automotive, manufacturing, aerospace, medical device makers, nuclear energy companies, and major universities among many other diverse businesses.

What is a NovaStar?

What does it mean when a star goes nova? This means a nova is a star that suddenly gets very bright for a short period of time. However, a nova is a little more complex than just a star that gets very bright. A number of occurrences and events must happen for a star to become a nova.

How do I update my NovaStar vx4s?


  1. Log into a the sender box as an administrator.
  2. To access the Load Program window, type “admin” on the blank.
  3. Choose right communication port?
  4. Choose sending card FPGA or receiving card FPGA.
  5. Click Program path and choose right data.
  6. Click update to finish update.

How big is a DDM Novastar wave solder machine?

DDM Novastar manufactures a range of machines for all lead and lead-free wave soldering applications from benchtop to high production floor models, with solder wave configurations from 8 to 24 inches (203.2mm to 609.6mm) wide. Flexibility with quick change, motorized lead or lead-free solder pots

What can novarc technologies do for collaborative welding?

Concentrate on the art of welding, leave the heavy lifting to Novarc. Defining the New Collaborative Welding Workplace. Human skill enhanced by technology to increase profits.

Why is nasarc important to the welding industry?

Nasarc serves an array of metal-joining industries with high volume welding parts production, where automation of manual tasks is beneficial from a cost, quality, and safety standpoint. Nasarc is also committed to the development of new products that will deliver further value to our customers. Stay Tuned!