What is nickel 99 welding rod used for?

What is nickel 99 welding rod used for?

Washington Alloy Nickel 99 is specifically suited for reparing cracked or porous castings and to weld cast iron to itself or dissimilar metals such as low alloy and carbon steels. Procedures may vary with change in position, base metals, filler metals, equipment and other changes.

What TIG rod do you use for cast iron?

High nickel rods aka NI rod, work pretty well for tig welding cast iron, You can also beat the flux off of a nickel stick rod and use it for tig welding. Sometimes , Stick actually works better due to the affects of flux on impurities.

What rod do you use to weld cast?

There are two common types of Cast iron Welding Rod, Ferro-Nickel and Pure Nickel. Ferro-Nickel are typically 53% Steel and 47% Nickel. Ferro-Nickel Rods are cheaper than pure Nickel and are ideal for welding Cast Iron to Steel. Pure Nickel will produce a softer, more malleable weld deposit.

What is the best welding rod for cast steel?

Nickel alloy electrodes are the most popular for cast iron welding. According to New Hampshire Materials Laboratory Inc., nickel-iron weld is stronger with a lower coefficient of thermal expansion, reducing welding stresses and improving resistance to cracking.

Can a 55 nickel rod be used as a tig rod?

A 99 nickel rod will produce a machineable weld. A 55 nickel rod may possibly be machined after several passes. In your situation, I would have knocked the flux off of the 99 rod and used it as a tig rod. I wouldn’t recommend TIG for cast iron unless you’re willing to put in a lot of preheat.

How big is a 99% nickel welding rod?

99% nickel super NI-cast welding rod for cast iron. 3/32″ x 1 lb. Tensile strength: 55,000 PSI. Recommended amperage: 70 – 90 amps AC or DC, reverse (+) polarity for DC.

Where can I buy TIG welding cast iron?

Techalloy makes a product called, Techalloy 99 for welding cast iron. It is easy to machine and comes in Tig or Mig. Talk to your LWS they can usually buy it from the manf. . Yes it should have been tiged for sure. You can use stainless on case iron aswell TIG welding cast iron??

What kind of casting is used for nickel?

ERNi-1 For TIG and MIG welding of nickel 200 and 201 Can be used for overlay on steel as well as repairing cast iron castings Used for dissimilar joints between nickel or nickel alloys to stainless or ferritic steels You can compare only two products at a time