What is Nestroft test?

What is Nestroft test?

The NESTROFT method (Naked Eye Single Tube Red Cell Osmotic Fragility Test) was evaluated against a high performance liquid chromatographic (HPLC) method for its usefulness in screening for beta-thalassaemia and some of the common haemoglobinopathies.

How is thalassemia screening done?

What is Thalassemia Screening? Thalassemia Screening is an advanced genetic test conducted on normal blood samples that help to evaluate whether a potential parent or an individual is a carrier of the Thalassemia gene or is affected by the disorder.

What is Mentzer index in blood test?

The Mentzer index, described in 1973 by William C. Mentzer, is the MCV divided by the RBC count. It is said to be helpful in differentiating iron deficiency anemia from beta thalassemia. The index is calculated from the results of a complete blood count.

When should you screen for thalassemia?

Moderate and severe thalassemias usually are diagnosed in early childhood. This is because signs and symptoms, including severe anemia, often occur within the first 2 years of life. People who have milder forms of thalassemia might be diagnosed after a routine blood test shows they have anemia.

How is the NESTROFT blood test done for beta thalassemia?

NESTROFT was performed using 0.36% buffered saline solution as advocated earli- er(5,6). Two ml of the solution was taken in one tube (10 cm x 1cm diameter) and 2 ml distilled water was taken in another tube. A drop of blood was added to each tube and they were left undisturbed for 1/2 an hour at room temperature.

What is the sensitivity of NESTROFT blood test?

Naked Eye Single Tube Rapid Osmotic Fragility Test (Nestroft) is a highly sensitive screening test with negative predictive value of approx 99%, sensitivity ranging from 86% to 99%, and specificity ranging from 66% to 100% in various studies.

Which is the best blood test for beta thalassemia?

Although the naked eye single tube red cell osmotic fragility test (NESTROFT) has been considered to be a very effective screening tool for beta-thalassemia trait, assessment of its diagnostic performance has been affected with the reference test- and verification-bias.

What kind of kit is used for NESTROFT?

laboratory personnel prepared the stock so- lution of NESTROFT in advance and packed a kit with the solution along with EDTA bulbs, syringes, disposable needles, scalp vein sets, spirit, cotton, gloves, dis- tilled water and test tubes. NESTROFT NESTROFT was performed using 0.36% buffered saline solution as advocated earli- er(5,6).