What is LLC in LLVM?

What is LLC in LLVM?

DESCRIPTION. The llc command compiles LLVM source inputs into assembly language for a specified architecture. The assembly language output can then be passed through a native assembler and linker to generate a native executable.

How do I get started with LLVM?

Getting started with LLVM

  1. Required software. CMake.
  2. Cloning LLVM repository. LLVM releases newer versions quite often.
  3. Building LLVM. LLVM uses CMake to generate a build system.
  4. (Optional) Using Eclipse IDE for development.
  5. Writing your first pass.
  6. Running your first pass on the test input.

How does LLVM compiler work?

How A LLVM Compiler Works. On the front end, the LLVM compiler infrastructure uses clang — a compiler for programming languages C, C++ and CUDA — to turn source code into an interim format. Then the LLVM clang code generator on the back end turns the interim format into final machine code.

What is LLVM link?

llvm-link is a program which “links” together LLVM IR files into a single IR file; you can read more about it here. It does not have any relation to ld or to linking object files together.

What is LLVM backend?

The backend of LLVM features a target-independent code generator that may create output for several types of target CPUs — including X86, PowerPC, ARM, and SPARC. The backend may also be used to generate code targeted at SPUs of the Cell processor or GPUs to support the execution of compute kernels.

Does LLVM run on Windows?

Welcome to LLVM on Windows! This document only covers LLVM on Windows using Visual Studio, not WSL, mingw or cygwin. In order to get started, you first need to know some basic information. There are many different projects that compose LLVM.

What is LLVM written in?

LLVM/Programming languages

What is LLVM LTO?

Description. LLVM features powerful intermodular optimizations which can be used at link time. Link Time Optimization (LTO) is another name for intermodular optimization when performed during the link stage. This document describes the interface and design between the LTO optimizer and the linker.

What was the original purpose of LLVM software?

LLVM was originally developed as a research infrastructure to investigate dynamic compilation techniques for static and dynamic programming languages. LLVM was released under the University of Illinois/NCSA Open Source License, a permissive free software licence.

When did Steve Lattner start working on LLVM?

In 2005, Apple Inc. hired Lattner and formed a team to work on the LLVM system for various uses within Apple’s development systems. LLVM is an integral part of Apple’s latest development tools for macOS and iOS.

Where can I find binaries for LLVM compiler?

These are available on the GitHub release page . These binaries include Clang, LLD, compiler-rt, various LLVM tools, etc. varying slightly between platforms. Signed with PGP key 345AD05D.

What can LLVM compiler infrastructure project be used for?

The LLVM compiler infrastructure project is a set of compiler and toolchain technologies, which can be used to develop a front end for any programming language and a back end for any instruction set architecture.