What is gypsum Roofboard?

What is gypsum Roofboard?

USG Securock® Brand Gypsum‑Fiber Roof Board Videos USG Securock® Brand Gypsum-Fiber Roof Board is a high-performance roof board for use in low-slope roofing systems. Its unique fiber-reinforced, homogeneous composition gives the panel strength and water resistance through to the core.

Can you walk on DensDeck?

Allow primer to dry before walking on the DensDeck Prime substrate. Cover the membrane with the exposed roofing material as soon as possible.

Is DensDeck waterproof?

DensDeck® Roof Board Videos The patented DensDeck® design employs glass mat facings front and back that are embedded into a water-resistant gypsum core providing excellent fire resistance, moisture resistance, and wind uplift properties.

Can DensGlass be used for roof sheathing?

DensGlass® Sheathing DensGlass Sheathing adds performance and durability to a wide range of fire-rated and non-fire-rated building assemblies. Dens® Solutions are industry trusted, high-performing fiberglass mat gypsum panels suitable for your wall, roof, ceiling and floor projects.

Is densglass fire rated?

Beside this, does DensGlass have a fire rating? 5/89 (15.9 mm) DensGlass® Fireguard® Sheathing isUL and ULC classified Type DGG. DensGlassSheathing ismanufactured to meet ASTM C1177. Flame spread and smoke develop ratingof 0/0 when tested in accordance with ASTM E84 or CAN/ULC S102.

What materials are used for exterior walls?

The most common exterior wall materials on homes started in 2017 were vinyl and stucco siding. Vinyl siding was used on 27 percent of the new homes started in 2017, followed closely by stucco (25 percent), brick or brick veneer (21 percent), and fiber cement siding (such as Hardiplank or Hardiboard) (20 percent).

What is densglass sheathing?

Densglass sheathing consists of a fiberglass surface and makeup that repels water, moisture, mold and deterioration, that is common if standard gypsum sheathing is used.